When you’re first starting out as a vacation rental owner, there’s one big question: how much money can I expect to make? 

Short-term rental properties can give owners solid revenue returns, and are often more profitable than long-term rentals. But that additional income doesn’t come without costs. From taxes and insurance to cleaning and management fees, it’s important to factor a number of expenses into your income calculations to help paint an accurate picture of your home’s profit potential. 

That’s where our vacation rental income calculator comes in. Simply plug in your monthly revenue and expenses below, then sit back as our tool automatically churns out an annual income estimate — all factors considered. 

Not sure where to pull those numbers? Take a peek below our tool to understand your income and expense variables in more detail, and check out our bonus resources that can help you make confident estimates.

Your Income Variables Explained

The first step toward accurately estimating rental income? Defining each term properly. Here’s a quick-reference glossary of what each variable used in our calculator means.

Small blue icons of a sun and moon indicating nightly rate

Nightly Rate

Avg rate you expect to charge/night

Small blue calendar icon indicating nights booked

Nights Booked

Avg # of nights you expect to book/month

Small blue icon indicating mortgage


Monthly mortgage payment

small icon of a shower indicating utility fees


Monthly costs for heat/hot water, electricity/AC, WiFi & cable

small icon indicating taxes

Insurance & Property Taxes

Monthly costs for homeowners insurance, liability insurance, property protection plan + your state’s property tax rate

small money icon

Other Expenses

Monthly sum of HOA & maintenance costs + avg stocking/upgrading costs

small blue icon indicating management fees

Management Costs

Monthly % of income set aside for management/marketing fees (dependent on how you run your business)

Understanding Income and Expenses

Let’s be real: estimating an accurate income for your investment property can be confusing. Certain elements — like mortgage and utility payments — have fairly standard numbers you can enter into the calculator without much math. But others require more contextual consideration. So, let’s walk through each step of the process in more detail.

Step 1: Calculating Monthly Revenue

To accurately estimate nightly rate and expected nights booked, it’s important to understand the current market in your area.

The good news: we’ve analyzed tens of thousands of listings across North America to compile the most impactful performance metrics for you. From nightly rate and nights booked to average lengths of stay and prime booking windows throughout the year, all of the results can be found in our vacation rental market analyses library. Each provides a data-backed gauge of how direct competition performs — and, in turn, how much you might be able to to charge and book.

Once you pull the nightly rate and nights booked averages from those market analyses, plug them into the vacation rental income calculator above to start laying a solid foundation for estimating monthly income (and overall revenue).

Owners who work with Evolve get access to our team of revenue experts and exclusive revenue optimization strategies that are proven to outperform the market.

Step 2: Calculating Monthly Expenses 

From taxes to marketing fees, your expense estimate relies heavily on custom quotes and individual choices.

First, add up the monthly costs of your different types of insurance — like homeowners insurance, liability insurance, and a property protection plan.

Evolve owners are automatically covered for accidental damages via our risk protection programs.

Then comes property taxes. How they’re applied varies by state, so be aware of your particular municipal requirements. If you’re not sure, you can plug your rental property’s address into this complimentary tool to receive the right rate.

Once you have an estimate for both, combine the numbers and enter the sum into our short term rental calculator.

Next, input your monthly mortgage payment and utilities.

To incorporate other expenses, first combine monthly HOA and maintenance costs, cleaning fees, and the average expense of keeping your short-term rental inventoried and well-stocked for guests.

If you need to make furniture or decor upgrades, put a price to those overarching updates and divide by 12 before adding to your total monthly view of those additional expenses.

Finally, there are management costs to consider. These fees and how they work look different depending on how you choose to run your vacation rental business.

If you run a vacation rental without any help:

  1. Select the “I plan to manage my property on my own” option in our vacation rental income calculator
  2. Add up the varying percentage costs of the marketing fees for the marketplaces you plan to use (listed below)
  3. Move the marketing fee slider to match the sum of those percentage fees

If you use a property manager:

  1. Select the “I plan to hire a manager” option in our short term rental income calculator
  2. Slide the bar to account for an average 10-50% fee

If you work with Evolve (who lists your home on all the best vacation rental sites at no extra cost):

  1. Select the “I plan to hire a manger” option in our vacation rental income calculator
  2. If you’re a Core owner, slide the bar to 10%; if you’re a Plus owner, slide the bar to 15%

Maximize Your Income Potential with Evolve

Between the steep fees of traditional property managers and the overwhelming responsibility of a DIY approach, it’s hard to strike a cost-benefit balance that guarantees your success. At least, it was until Evolve came into the picture.

For an industry-low management fee (that’s backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee), we’ll apply a proven-to-work marketing and booking strategy to your vacation rental, boosting your revenue potential while keeping costs (and stress levels) down.

Hop down to the form below to see if you qualify for our services and kickstart a conversation with one of our vacation rental pros.

Real estate is known for being a solid investment, and recent travel trends like eco-friendly staycations, solo travel, and luxurious amenities all highlight the strong demand for accommodations that are unique to vacation rentals. As the market continues to grow, investing in short-term rental today can be a great play for long-term income.

Here are eight major benefits of owning vacation rental property to underscore exactly why it’s a good investment.

In This Article:
Increased Income Potential
Varied Market Opportunity
Offsetting Owner Costs
Even More Revenue Opportunity
A Built-In Vacation
Regular Maintenance & Upkeep
Tenant Flexibility
Home Appreciation

1. Increased Income Potential

Not only is the vacation rental industry showing plenty of income potential, it’s also creating opportunity for what our real estate experts consider a “high-reward profile.” 

Most investors look at cap rate — the ratio between a property’s net income and its market value — as a key measure of success, because it indicates return on investment. Our experts say long-term rental cap rates can hover around an average 4-5% in metro markets (where investors are typically drawn), but short-term rental cap rates can frequently come in at 10% or higher. That’s because long-term rentals lock in rates for longer periods of time, while short-term rentals have more room to dynamically change rates based on demand, seasonality, and other market conditions.

This means your ceiling for profitability is significantly higher when investing in short term rentals vs. long term rentals — and that’s more money that could land in your pocket.

2. Varied Market Opportunity

While finding success in long-term rental generally requires a purchase near a major metro area, buyers can find vacation rental properties with profit potential in a wide variety of markets

And since travelers’ favorite locations are scattered from coast to coast, you’re spoiled with choices for vacation rental investment properties –– whether you’re looking for a beachfront property, lakeside rental, mountainous ski house, or cozy cabin.

Ready to explore your options? Our team helps investors find success in vacation rental investment markets all across the country.

3. Offsetting Owner Costs

Creating solid revenue streams and growing your income property portfolio are the main investment goals for many second home owners. But there’s also massive value, particularly when it comes to investing for beginners, in offsetting owner expenses from the start.

From mortgage payments and utilities to insurance fees and maintenance costs, vacation rental income can cover monthly expenses and help your home pay for itself in a shorter time frame. Vacation rental owners are also eligible for certain tax deductions, which could help close the gap between income and expenses.

Bonus benefit: using a vacation rental management company with especially low fees (like Evolve) can help owners break even and start earning profit faster.

4. Even More Revenue Opportunity (with Five-Star Hospitality)

The best part about investing in vacation rental properties is that great guest feedback makes your home more lucrative over time. 

When rental properties hit new listing sites, they have to compete with established competitors for visibility and bookings. But the more five-star experiences you deliver (along with smart responses to any poor reviews), the more sites like Airbnb and Vrbo will show your property to browsing travelers — making it more likely to earn bookings. 

Best-in-class hospitality also makes it easier to raise daily rates (when the market allows for it), increasing your profit margins on any given stay as you establish the value of your vacation rental property. 

5. A Built-In Vacation

Unlike long-term rental properties, a vacation rental investment is also a place where you can get away. It provides the luxury of carving out time to spend with family and friends, or to switch up your work-from-home space — without necessarily needing to spend money on accommodations each time you travel.

In other words, you earn rental income and boost revenue when you’re not there, but also save money when you’d like a change of scenery yourself.

6. Regular Maintenance & Upkeep

When you frequently host new guests, you’ll be able to keep close tabs on your property during cleanings and maintenance. This regular upkeep can prevent long-term issues and maintain your property’s condition better than long-term rentals, which may suffer from a neglectful tenant.

With frequent access to your property, you can inspect for damages or wear, prep for seasonal changes, and quickly address any issues while they’re still manageable. 

7. Tenant Flexibility

While some owners prefer the stability of a long-term tenant, short-term rental investments can help mitigate the impact of ending up with a problematic person leasing for a year or more, or having to weather lengthy vacancies between renters.

Payment is also more streamlined with vacation rentals. Since stays are typically paid for upfront, it can reduce the risk of rent arrears or non-payment issues that are more common with long-term tenants.

8. Home Appreciation

As with all smart real estate investments, you can expect your vacation rental’s market value to appreciate over time. So, if and when you become ready to sell, you’d likely earn more than the previous owners did when you bought it. 

Your home will also have a track record as a vacation rental to appeal to the next investors, so you can use its earning potential to your advantage. If you work with Evolve, we’ll provide you with historical performance metrics, as well as feature your property on our website and connect you with vetted realtors that specialize in short-term rentals.

To help you target the right people when your home goes on the market, Evolve’s real estate experts can help you sell directly to buyers who are looking to invest in vacation rentals.

Take the Next Step Toward Investing in Vacation Rental 

Investing in vacation rentals might feel like a big undertaking, but Evolve is here to guide you at every stage of the journey — whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself an industry pro. Our experts can help you: 

And if you’re hoping to lock in a short term vacation rental investment with proof of performance, our listings for sale page features homes that already have a successful track record.

No matter where you are or plan to buy, we’re here to help you reach your vacation rental goals.

Digital nomads, rejoice: Work and play no longer have to be separate. While you’re still remote, get some fresh air without using all of your vacation days. Switching up your routine a little can inspire new thinking and deepen your focus — all while you enjoy all the luxuries of vacation on your off-time. 

Ready to get out of the house? Pick one of these places based on how you like to feel at work and change up the scenery.

Bust Stress: Vacation Rentals with a Pool

Make your co-workers jealous by joining the company meeting poolside. Lounge in the sun while you knock projects off your list, then enjoy a crisp plunge in the water. Bonus: all of our homes are vetted in person, which means these pools are as good as they look. 

Resort-style pool and hot tub at Goodyear, Arizona vacation rental

Private Swimmer’s Paradise in Goodyear, AZ

Soak in the desert sun from this Goodyear home with a resort-style hot tub and pool combo. Work on your tan while you work from the sprawling patio, complete with a fully shaded outdoor area. The interior’s open layout and farmhouse furnishings are so beautiful that you’ll want to stay in and make meals at home — but when you’re ready to get out, grab ice cream at The Frozen Monkey and take a stroll around South Lake Park.

Palatial Luxury Home In Homestead, FL

If you’re feeling fancy, this Florida short-term rental is like stepping into a palace you can call your own. Here, 6,500 square feet of space is yours — meaning you can find a new place to work remotely every day. Sit al fresco in the expansive outdoor cabana or lounge by the palm tree-lined pool worthy of a magazine shoot. On weekends, day trip to the Florida Keys or take it easy with a bottle of local wine from Schnebly Winery.

Palm tree-lined pool at luxury vacation rental in Homestead, Florida
Lush background with in-ground pool at modern vacation rental in Austin, Texas

Modern Poolside Oasis In Austin, TX

The moment you set your bag down, the cerulean waters of this backyard pool will invite you to take a dip. Catch up with your group beneath the pergola, then swim laps in this sophisticated marvel as the sun goes down. Enormous windows let the light in here and make it feel like you’re by the pool, even when you’re hard at work inside. When you need to get out, experience the big city feeling by taking a walk through downtown Austin.

Honorable Mentions: Enjoy views of your own private lake and private pool at this luxurious vacation rental in Norman, OK, visit this meticulously decorated home with its own mini golf putting green and awe-inspiring pool in the Coachella Valley, or swim by day, stream movies in the home theater by night from this Pigeon Forge vacation rental.

Explore All Homes With A Pool

Get Energized: Vacation Rentals With A Gym

Exercise helps mental health and increases productivity — and companies are encouraging their teams to work out more than ever. These vacation rentals are perfect for a getaway that blends work-life balance, with a home gym to break up your day. 

Charming log cabin vacation rental surrounded by trees and nature trails in Sonoma County, California

Enchanting Log Cabin In Sonoma County, CA

Redwoods and red wine are waiting for you in Sonoma County. This charming cabin is the place to go glamping in the woods while still keeping a wi-fi signal. Nature is your gym here in a home that’s surrounded by trails and a few minutes from the beach, but if you want a more traditional place to exercise, hit the cabin’s small home gym. After a long work week, hop in the car, soak in ocean views, and savor wines from famous vineyards.

Private Forest Mansion In Acworth, GA

Turn your workday into a fairytale at this welcoming Acworth mansion, complete with a pool and its own movie theater. Take your lunch break in the home gym, catch up on emails from the gazebo, and toast to the day by the outdoor fire pit once five o’clock hits. There are so many ways to clear your head — whether it’s playing billiards, or cooking a meal for your group and enjoying it in the sprawling dining areas.

Acworth, Georgia vacation rental with a pool

Honorable Mentions: This budget-friendly vacation home in Glendale, AZ offers all the perks of a private resort, including a pool and a putting green. Or, go big and work remotely from this enormous vacation home sitting over the lake in Kaiser, MO. You can also sit out by your own private creek and access some of Colorado’s most pristine trails from this home amid the treetops in Evergreen, CO. 

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Find Quiet: Vacation Rentals with an Office

Evolve only rents homes with private entrances, which means that every place on our site is perfect for finding focus. But if you’re looking for a getaway where you can separate your 9-5 from your night of relaxation, these picks come with a home office and the bliss of complete quiet.

Living room in an Erie, Colorado vacation rental that also has multiple offices

Enormous Retreat In Erie, CO

This vacation rental is made for remote work retreats with multiple offices, plenty of separate seating areas, and a boardroom-style table. Travel with friends and tackle the workday separately from your own private spaces, then reconnect over a game night in the living room. Wind down while strolling downtown Boulder (just a short drive away) with the Flatiron mountains as your backdrop.

Upscale Cabin In Show Low, AZ

Enjoy a life of luxury from this scenic cabin equipped with its own lofted office for working remotely. Catch up about the day around the outdoor fire pit or sip wine on the sprawling wood patio immersed in the forest. If you feel like getting outside, explore the easy Show Low Bluff Trail on foot or spend a leisurely day fishing at Fool Hollow Lake.

Spacious kitchen in Show Low, Arizona cabin vacation rental, a home that also has a lofted office

Honorable Mention: Work remotely from this vacation rental in Fairplay, CO, and enjoy a cozy, log cabin exterior with a clean, modern interior. 

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Cozy Up: Vacation Rentals with a Fireplace

Good books are meant to be enjoyed next to a crackling fireplace. After a long day at the (virtual) office, sink into the couch at one of these places and find your cozy. All you need to bring is hot cider and groceries — each of our homes comes fully equipped with all the amenities you need to stay in for the night.

Dreamy Dome House In Idyllwild, CA

Hit the road and head to Idyllwild, which sits in California’s San Jacinto mountains. Pets are welcome at this airy dome house that’s a theater to thousands of night stars. Once you’ve closed up your laptop for the day, hit the trails at Mount San Jacinto State Park, then bring home a mountain pie to share from Idyllwild Pizza.

Cozy living room with wood-burning stove and guitar at the unique Dome House vacation rental in Idyllwild, California
Living room with stone fireplace and nature views at Incline Village, Nevada vacation rental

Spacious Modern Hideaway In Incline Village, NV

Rise to the sound of trees rustling out this bright property filled with natural light. Kick your feet up in the loft to get some focus, then spend happy hour in the hot tub before cooking up a feast in the gorgeous, modern kitchen. When you’re ready for fresh air, take an evening bike ride along Lake Tahoe, or just sit out and enjoy the lake.

Cabin In Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge is an outdoor paradise — and this enormous cabin that sleeps 14 is just the place to enjoy it. Take your calls from the quiet porch, indulge in a midday break to shoot some hoops in the in-home basketball court, and wind down by the fire after an evening of exploring the area’s sites. Window shop along Main Street and grab takeout, or find a hike like Hoosier Pass you can do as the sun goes down over the mountain. 

Rustic Breckenridge, Colorado cabin rental living room with large stone fireplace

Honorable Mentions: Sip a nightcap on a porch overlooking the creek at this vacation home in Frisco, CO, or soak your bones in the hot tub surrounded by trees in this Alto, New Mexico cabin.

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Fuel Creativity: Vacation Rentals with a View

Get some new perspective on what you’re working on from one of these places with a view. Find yourself thinking in new ways as you walk along the beach or sit out on the lake, free to let your mind wander. Just be sure to bring a notepad with you as you roam these houses for the moment a great idea strikes.

Exterior view of Bay City, Oregon hilltop vacation rental with stilted decks and lush landscaping

Hilltop Haven In Bay City, OR

If you’ve ever had the dream of looking out to the shoreline from a hot tub, this is just the place for you. This hilltop home in the Pacific Northwest is a destination for remote work, with several cozy seating areas, an unbelievable porch view looking over the coast, and a hot tub where you can dip and drink it all in. After work, take a scenic, slow drive along the Tillamook Bay and end the evening with scoops at the iconic Tillamook Creamery

Lakeview Retreat In Albion, MI

A lake with a private dock is yours at this calming escape in Albion, MI. This home is filled with windows so you never miss the view, even when you’re inside. There are so many places to work at this home on the golf course — whenever you need some fresh thinking, just pick a new room. The spacious kitchen opens right up into the living room, so you can share stories as you prepare the dinner to share. Days off can be spent on the course, dipping in the lake, or curling up next to a roaring fire while keeping the view.

Deck overlooking a private dock and lake at an Albion, Michigan vacation rental
Deck overlooking the ocean from beachfront vacation rental in Topsail Beach, North Carolina

Beachfront Home In Topsail Beach, NC

Creativity is often sparked by a long walk, and here, you can take that walk out on the beach. Sit out on one of the two decks facing the waves, then step out onto the sand when you need a break. Sunsets here look like a postcard, and you can enjoy them from a bright, cheerful house that is decorated to feel like vacation in every room. Spend the weekend grilling up porch on the outdoor barbecue and catching up your beach read in the pristine sand.

Honorable Mentions: Get out into the mountains at this Jefferson, CO cabin with a verdant view of the mountains and its own game room and treehouse. Or, book this cheerful beachfront home in New Smyrna Beach, FL with ocean access and take your morning coffee in the sand

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Enjoy the freedom to work remotely from a vacation rental anywhere, with all the comforts of home. Find your perfect place to get some fresh air and rest easy knowing that it’ll be professionally cleaned and ready for your arrival.

“Aren’t you just like Airbnb and Vrbo?”

We get that question a lot from people who haven’t worked with us yet. It’s easy to see why. We’re all in the same industry, short-term property rentals. You can find and book great properties on our website or on theirs. And the fact that every Evolve property appears on Airbnb, Vrbo, and other online marketplaces just adds a little more to the confusion.

So let’s clear things up and outline exactly how Evolve is NOT Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, or any other online marketplace.

They’re Marketplaces, We’re a Management Company

Airbnb, Vrbo, and similar websites are online “marketplaces” where guests find properties and homeowners find guests. Essentially, they act as a distribution channel for owners or property managers, attracting potential guests to their website but leaving the management of the properties and listings to the owners (or whoever is representing the property) themselves.

Evolve helps you start, manage, and grow a vacation rental business. That means we actively work on behalf of our owners, ensuring maximum bookings and eliminating the stress of the traditional vacation rental process.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Evolve is a BIG customer of the online marketplaces. We have tens of thousands of properties listed on their sites, and we constantly implement cutting-edge strategies to make sure our owners’ homes are positioned for maximum traffic and bookings.

Behind the scenes, we have teams of specialists working on the hardest parts of managing a vacation rental: marketing, booking, and customer service. Our teams do everything from creating search-topping property listings to revenue optimization to answering guest questions and asking for online reviews. We even hire professional photographers at no cost to owners to show each property in the best possible light.

As a result of our approach, Evolve properties outperform most others on the online marketplaces. So we don’t compete with Airbnb, Vrbo and the rest. We work with them–and everybody wins.

Our Homes Are Different, Too: Always Perfect for Vacation

Unlike most marketplaces, we don’t offer home sharing, extended stays, campsites, trailers, or other mobile structures. Each Evolve property has its own entrance and kitchen (typically a house or condominium). A lot of Evolve guests appreciate having the comforts of home when they travel, and our properties reflect that.

We take even more guesswork out of vacation rental by making sure our properties meet our four core standards. We believe guests simply won’t have the experience they’re looking for unless the property they’ve booked is:

By focusing on properties ideally suited for vacationing and making sure each one lives up to our standards, we’re building a brand that guests can trust to have the time of their lives.

A Different Experience for Owners and Guests

Since Airbnb, Vrbo, and the like don’t handle property management, homeowners have traditionally been forced to either hire a local company to do it or fend for themselves. Evolve is different.

We give homeowners performance-focused marketing and booking support, plus the flexibility to choose their own partner(s) to clean the property and greet guests. Evolve handles all guest inquiries, bookings, and pre-stay communications. We can also connect owners with hundreds of vetted partners nationwide that can handle cleaning and guests.  

With Evolve’s help, every guest enjoys a booking experience that feels as professional as the world’s top hospitality brands. We handle all inquiries directly, resolve guest and owners questions, and communicate directly with cleaners to ensure the property is ready for every guest. Our unique approach makes vacation rental actually feel like vacation for owners and guests.

So We’re Not Airbnb or Vrbo, But We’re All Friends

Once you work with Evolve, you quickly discover the difference between our service and all of the others. Soon you’ll book — and earn — more for an industry-low fee that’s backed by an unmatched Risk-Free Guarantee.

Owners should be able to relax, trusting that their property is living up to its potential. And guests should be able to relax with an experience that feels like a big hospitality brand. That’s the Evolve difference.

Learn more about how Evolve helps owners — from newcomers to industry veterans — maximize their listing exposure and passive income

Vacations are often made memorable by the destination, but staying in a tiny house rental is an adventure all its own no matter where you are. These getaways usually offer a standout travel experience, giving you plenty of opportunity to get out and explore before getting cozy indoors.  

Plus, data shows tiny houses are one of the most popular unique vacation rental types with growing demand, so you’re likely to find one near your favorite destination.

Book any of these charming tiny home rentals next time you’re searching for a compact cabin or a pint-sized paradise. No matter what kind of vacation you need, you’re sure to find a little something to explore.

Don’t forget: you can favorite your top tiny homes to save and reference when planning your next escape.

In This Article:
Tiny Hot Springs Treasure
Waterfront Hideaway
Charming Tiny Home with Private Hot Tub
Mini Tin Cabin
Tiny Ozarks Escape
Artsy Adobe Studio
Cozy Remote Cabin
Woodsy Tiny Home
Rustic Black Hills Abode
4-Season Gold Coast Cottage
Tiny Hawaiian Paradise
Boho Bliss
Idyllic Forest Studio
Quaint Hideaway on the Gulf

1. Tiny Hot Springs Treasure

Image of a quaint tiny home vacation rental in Hot Springs, AR with a green backyard

This tiny studio in Hot Springs, AR entertains national park enthusiasts from all over the world and provides all the amenities for a comfortable, budget-friendly adventure. The best part? It’s located just minutes from Hot Springs National Park.

The snuggly hideout is also close to popular thrills found at Magic Springs Theme Park, and sits less than one mile from downtown. There you can roll the dice at Oaklawn Casino, or take a stroll through Garvan Woodland Garden. Wherever your daytime adventures take you, relax peacefully as the evening unfolds in the comfort of your private backyard.

Book your Hot Springs retreat

2. Waterfront Hideaway

Image of a tropical vacation rental tiny home with lush greenery surrounding it

Possibly one of the Gulf Coast’s best-kept secrets, this eclectic tiny home sits in the heart of Bay St. Louis, where southern charm meets total relaxation. With walkable access to Main Street (hello, shopping and mouthwatering eats) and nearby white sand beaches, it’s easy to enjoy a little bit of everything for a perfect tiny trip.

Just like this colorful home, Bay St. Louis beaches are pet-friendly, so you and your best pal can soak up the sunshine and salty air together. You can also head out for a stroll around the Walter Anderson Museum of Art (though your furry friend will have to stay home for that) before returning to your enclosed backyard for privacy and rejuvenation.

Book your Gulf Coast escape

Don’t want to travel without your four-legged friend? Check out the top destinations for pet-friendly trips, and book a home that sets you up for a paw-some adventure.

3. Charming Tiny Home with Private Hot Tub

A farm stay reimagined, this retro tiny house rental hosts desirable amenities and all your favorite creature comforts in a smaller space. Bring your loved one on a journey out to the country and spend your nights dining under the stars, soaking in the private hot tub, and snuggling up fireside for an outdoor movie marathon.

In between memorable moments at home,  venture out with your partner (or pet!) to explore local attractions in Plant City or visit must-see sights in nearby Tampa. Here, you’ll be close to some of the best-kept Floridian secrets, like lush nature preserves and natural swimming pools.

Book your tiny farm stay

4. Mini Tin Cabin

Tiny tin cabin rental surrounded by mountain wilderness in Utah

Never judge a tiny house rental by its exterior, especially when it’s this unique granary-turned-cabin. Found in the Utah wilderness, it looks like a large tin silo from the outside, but inside it has everything you need for a few restful days off the beaten track. 

When you’re not enjoying the mountain range views or taking advantage of the nearby hunting, hiking, and mountain biking, retire to this rustic-yet-modern rental to cook up a meal in the farmhouse kitchen or take a soak in the classic clawfoot tub.

Book your tin cabin

5. Tiny Ozarks Escape

Tiny house rental with furnished patio and seating area next to trees in Branson Missouri near the Ozarks

Take a break and head to Missouri for a serene stay in this classic cabin near the Ozark Mountains. It’s a charming tiny home with wooden details and furnishings throughout, matching the surrounding forest vibes. Not to mention the porch patio is a perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of morning coffee while soaking in the wooded wilderness. 

This tiny house rental also makes it easy to enjoy peace and privacy without sacrificing proximity, since Branson and its many activities are just a short drive away. A can’t-miss option: the mystical underground Talking Rocks Cavern!

Book your Ozark cabin

6. Artsy Adobe Studio

Colorful tiny house rental in Arizona with painted murals

Escape and unwind in this artsy adobe cottage that’s covered in larger-than-life murals. Just a short day trip from Tucson, it’s an Arizona escape that offers a balance of indoor comfort and opportunity for outdoor adventure. From the easy access to parks and trails to the charming decor and quaint breakfast nook, it really is a tiny house rental that can quickly feel like home.

In your downtime, don’t forget to soak up the sun and quiet in the patio hammock. If extra company is more your style, you’re likely to find it at the community space and shared hot tub.

Book your relaxing retreat

7. Cozy Remote Cabin

Tiny home cabin with Adirondack chairs and a fire pit, surrounded by Montana land and a bright blue sky

You’ll feel extra tiny when staying among the towering mountains that surround this off-the-grid home in Augusta, MT. It’ll give you the chance to appreciate the true spirit of the wild west, with sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains and wildlife roaming just outside your door. 

You can also take a day trip to Glacier National Park for bucket-list hikes and drives, then come back to relax by the fire pit or snuggle up in the loft.

Book your cabin with a view

8. Woodsy Tiny Home

Tiny house rental in Winnsboro, TX with a furnished porch and grill, surrounded by trees

It’s not every day that a tiny house rental comes with tons of space. This modern farm-style home in Winnsboro, TX sits on its own private pasture, complete with pond access for fishing and paddle boats, a gazebo and game room, and plenty of friendly farm animals to visit. 

The wooded forests here are perfect for anyone in need of a luxury vacation at a leisurely pace, and the town’s lively Main Street is just a quick drive away when you’re ready for a little more hustle and bustle. You can even bring your four-legged companion to this pet-friendly tiny home, since vacations are best when they’re with your furry friends.

Book your luxury farm

Craving a tiny home rental with a big city vibe? This chic, modern house is right near the heart of Austin — and there’s a pool and hot tub included!

9. Rustic Black Hills Abode

Exterior view of a barn-style tiny home with a white picket fenced porch and Western signage, surrounded by a pine tree forest.

Enjoy the Black Hills countryside when you stay at this cozy and tiny studio in Hermosa, SD. With a whopping four queen beds, all the essentials for comfort, and a prime location for sightseeing, this South Dakota treasure is perfect for families and friend groups seeking an epic outdoor adventure.

Spend a day at Mount Rushmore (just 17 miles away!), Custer State Park, or riding horses through the evergreens. When you return to your rustic retreat, fire up the grill for some grub and enjoy uninterrupted views of the starry night sky from the shared hot tub.

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10. 4-Season Gold Coast Cottage

Kick back, relax, and enjoy “the little things” — pun intended — at this 2-bed, 1-bath tiny house cottage. Designed to ignite the senses, this charming lakeside gem boasts sweeping views, fresh breezes, and the soothing soundtrack of lapping waves. Admire panoramic vistas from the private sun deck, or head indoors to make yourself at home in the cozy open floor plan.

With the sweeping shores of Lake Michigan as your backyard, adventures are inevitable (and guaranteed year-round). Relish long walks on your own personal stretch of private beach, or head into downtown Muskegon to check out local museums, craft breweries, and a variety of all-season sports.

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11. Tiny Hawaiian Paradise

Light blue tiny house rental in Kailua-Kona, HI with an elevated front porch with stair access, surrounded by lush vegetation

Lush rainforests, beautiful views, volcanoes nearby — you can’t ask for much more when it comes to tiny travel in Hawaii. This convenient, cozy home in Kailua-Kona is ideal if you want to spend your days exploring natural wonders, with prime spots like Volcanoes National Park, Onekahakaha Beach, and Kaumana Caves just a short drive away.

Once back home, you’ll feel re-energized by bright, updated interior spaces. Soak up the natural light through this tiny home’s many windows, or get out and see the foliage firsthand.

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12. Boho Bliss

Good things come in small packages, and this rural tiny house rental is no exception. Aptly nicknamed “Boho Bliss,” this efficiently built abode is perfect for an off-the-grid glamping getaway like no other. 

Tour the extraordinary ancient cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park by day, and soak in your surroundings by night as you snuggle up by the gas fire pit for some amazing stargazing. And don’t forget your camera — this tiny house getaway comes with otherworldly cliff, canyon, and desert landscape views.

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13. Idyllic Forest Studio

Tiny home with elevated back porch situated on the side of a lush forest mountainscape in New England, with an additional bright blue building in the background

Head to enchanting Edgecomb, ME for a New England escape in this wood-crafted studio. The home has a furnished balcony with scenic views of dense forest trees, plus large windows for plenty of natural light. The house is modest, but the fully-stocked kitchenette has all you need for a pleasant stay. 

With easy access to nearby attractions like the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and Pemaquid Lighthouse, coastal exploration is at the top of the to-do list during this tiny house getaway. You can hike, bike, or fish, then chow down on a classic seafood dinner before heading back to the comforts of  your home away from home.

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14. Quaint Hideaway on the Gulf

Exterior view of a yellow stucco tiny home with a outdoor table and chairs, umbrella, and grill on a blue deck surrounded by palm trees.

Located just steps from the Gulf of Mexico, this tropical Palm Harbor studio is perfect for couples and solo travelers seeking salty air and seaside bliss. While simple on the outside, this tiny home is newly renovated and equipped with central A/C, WiFi, and a full-sized refrigerator in the kitchenette — everything you need for a beachy vacation.

With ocean access at Honeymoon Island State Park and water sports along the Dunedin Causeway, you can enjoy sunny and sandy days outdoors before venturing back to your oasis. Once home, grill out on the shared deck or unwind with your favorite show from the comfort of your queen bed.

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There are more oceanside escapes just waiting to be booked: these beach vacation rentals are perfect for your next trip requiring surf, sand, and sun.

Book the Best Tiny House Rentals with Evolve

Tiny homes are small, but never forgotten. Wherever your next adventure takes you, trust Evolve to help you find the perfect place to stay. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of vacation home sizes and types in hundreds of locations, and our Rest Easy Promise guarantees your space will always be clean and ready for a great stay. 

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Tiny travel isn’t the only way to make your getaway dreams come true, either. If your mind is wandering to less petite places, you might be into one of our best places to stay.  And no matter what type of trip you’re planning, we’ve got plenty of ideas for vacation inspiration –– from the best wine regions, national parks, and charming small towns to visit to the coolest road trip stops in between.

Every year, skiers and snowboarders flock to the slopes for unforgettable alpine adventures. 

After a long day in the powder, today’s outdoor enthusiasts are looking for more than just a place to crash. Being able to hang gear, gather for a home-cooked meal, or sink into a private hot tub can take their getaway to the next level. That makes a vacation rental ideal for travelers — and ski property a savvy investment for buyers. 

Even better: Many of the best places to buy a ski property have become year-round destinations, with charming downtown areas and all-season fun. So, maximizing revenue in a ski market is all about striking the right balance. You want a location with proximity to great skiing, affordable prices, and activities that attract warm-weather visitors. 

And speaking of summer, the off-season months of June through August are the best time to buy a ski property — easing the pressure of wintertime competition and giving you the chance to see what every season will offer in the area.

Looks like you found this list at the perfect time to invest!

Tighten your boots, grab your gloves, and check out the best ski towns for a rental property investment right now.

Want a more tailored approach to buying the perfect rental? Our team can help identify markets, properties, and partners to lift your success. Fill out this form to start a conversation today.

In This Article:
The Poconos, PA
Shenandoah Valley, VA
Laughlintown, PA
Vernon Township, NJ
Wilmington, VT
Idaho Springs, CO
Boone, NC
Boyne City, MI
Ruidoso, NM
Maggie Valley, NC
Brian Head, UT
Pagosa Springs, CO

How We Chose the Best Places to Buy a Ski Property

Our data is based on a combination of proprietary and public data, but the three key metrics we took into account are:

In addition to these metrics, we evaluated a vacation property’s potential to outperform market expectations with an Evolve partnership. Below, you’ll see The Evolve Difference highlighting how we helped some of our top vacation rental owners maximize income and significantly beat the market’s projected revenue.

Please note: all data projections reflect ideal-state scenarios. Variables like owner-blocked calendars and extenuating circumstances (like natural disasters) are not factored into these calculations.

1. The Poconos, PA

Photo of a ski hill near the Poconos mountains in Pennsylvania during winter. Image text reads, "$37,172 median rental revenue. $253,864 median listing price. 10.2% example cap rate."

With a wide range of ski areas like Jack Frost Ski Resort, Big Boulder Mountain, and Camelback Ski Resort, visitors are spoiled for choice when seeking the perfect run in the Poconos. And beyond the winter season, the Poconos still showcase plenty of appeal. Leaf-peepers come to see vibrant fall foliage and summer vacationers book lakeside escapes. Investors can tap into this year-round allure to create a haven for travelers of all kinds. 

With a median listing price of $253,864, the Poconos area earns extra points for having some of the most affordable ski towns to buy a home. Our real estate experts say Albrightsville, Tobyhanna, Long Pond, Lake Harmony, and Pocono Lake are all worth exploring for success. 

Top-performing properties in these areas provide easy proximity to multi-season fun — from ski resorts to hiking trails to lake access. This market is also particularly popular among families, which is why larger five-bedroom homes tend to earn the most on average. That said, smaller rentals do quite well when they offer family-friendly amenities, ski-in/ski-out access, and luxe additions like hot tubs.

Our real estate experts do note that permitting requirements can vary between different counties and towns in the Poconos market. As you explore your favorite locations, it’s important to work with local experts who can work out those details for you.

We can connect you with local, licensed real estate agents who specialize in short-term rental — and can help you navigate the ins and outs of permitting and other requirements.

2. Shenandoah Valley, VA

Photo of Shenandoah Valley in Virginia at sunrise during winter with snow on the ground. Image text reads, "$39,126 median rental revenue. $319,608 median listing price. 8.6% example cap rate."

Known for its stunning natural beauty and booming ski scene, the Shenandoah Valley is one of the best up and coming ski towns — offering a stellar combination of outdoor recreation and rural charm. During the winter months, travelers come from all over to visit Massanutten Resort, a 6,000-acre resort area with a ski and adventure park, dining venues, shopping, and a day spa. Throughout the rest of the year, outdoorsy types come to hike the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park.

Over the last year, the Shenandoah Valley has seen a consistent cap rate (your annual net operating income divided by a property’s market value), indicating ongoing performance strength investors can capitalize on. To really make the most of this market’s opportunity, our experts recommend narrowing your search to McGaheysville, Massanutten, and Elkton since they’re the most affordable ski towns to buy a home in the region. Plus, these towns are all located in a county with rental-friendly regulations.

Evolve owners pulling in more than double the median rental revenue are all located within minutes of a ski resort (usually Massanutten) and often boast slope views. They also tend to cater to families, so consider looking for a larger home that can host a crowd — and include perks like ping-pong tables, arcade games, and spaces to drop ski gear (like a mudroom).

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $89,440 annually!

3. Laughlintown, PA

Photo of a forest covered in fresh snow in Laughlintown, Pennsylvania. Image text reads, "$31,905 median rental revenue. $267,381 median listing price. 8.4% example cap rate."

Nestled in the heart of western Pennsylvania, Laughlintown is an up-and-coming ski town to buy investment property in. Unlike the Poconos — which offer a great retreat to East Coasters — this peaceful locale catches the eye of Pittsburgh and Midwest travelers.    

Laughlintown sits near Laurel Mountain Ski Resort, known for having the steepest double diamond slope in the state. But its proximity to other attractions like Linn Run State Park, Idlewild Amusement Park, and the historic town of Ligonier boost multi-season booking opportunities, too.

Interested investors can look at Laughlintown proper or its Laurel Mountain borough, where many of the strongest performing homes are located. If buying options are limited, our experts say expanding your search to include nearby Ligonier is worthwhile. And no matter where your investment home is located in the area, game rooms, home theaters, or pools are typically available in the vacation rentals earning top dollar — so these are important amenities to consider for five-star value.

Offering the amenities guests search for most can significantly boost your vacation rental performance. Check out which ones are worthy of your investment in different regions across the U.S.

4. Vernon Township, NJ

Photo of a ski resort near Vernon Township in New Jersey during summer with green trees. Image text reads, "$35,371 median rental revenue. $325,430 median listing price. 7.6% example cap rate."

Around an hour’s drive from New York City, Vernon Township grabs interest from local weekenders and out-of-towners looking for a Big Apple day trip. Adrenaline junkies are in good hands with Mountain Creek Ski Resort, a four-season destination with skiing, ziplining, several dining venues, and a waterpark.

Visitors can also find plenty to do outside of the resort. There are events like the Vernon Lights Festival and Great Pumpkin Festival at Heaven Hills Farm, plus dreamy nature excursions in Wawayanda State Park and Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge. This translates to a strong opportunity for consistent bookings year-round.

Top-performing Evolve owners earning nearly triple Vernon Township’s market median are largely within the Mountain Creek Ski Resort or offer ultra-easy access to the resort via shuttle services.

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $96,976 annually!

Itching to explore more locations with all-season booking demand? Check out all the best places to buy a vacation rental across the U.S. right now.

5. Wilmington, VT

Photo of a ski resort near Wilmington, Vermont during winter on a blue bird day. Image text reads, "$33,289 median rental revenue. $342,678 median listing price. 6.8% example cap rate."

Head to Wilmington for a quintessential New England experience with easy access to Mount Snow, a renowned mountain resort where skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels can find premier terrain. 

Beyond the iconic draw of Mount Snow, Wilmington is one of the best places to buy a ski property because it takes on a charming identity of its own. The streets are dotted with quaint shops, cozy restaurants, and a welcoming community vibe. There’s also plenty of hiking, biking, and scenic landscapes to explore in the warmer seasons, so it’s possible to earn bookings from backcountry enthusiasts all year long.

High-earning Wilmington vacation rentals are within ten miles of Mount Snow and Timber Creek Cross Country Ski Area, and tend to be larger properties with four to five bedrooms. Many of them are also pet-friendly, catering to vacationers looking to bring furry friends along. 

If you’re hoping to expand your property search beyond Wilmington, our experts recommend turning to Dover — another town at the base of Mount Snow with strong performance potential.

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $89,353 annually!

6. Idaho Springs, CO

Photo of the Rocky Mountains during winter near Idaho Springs, Colorado. Image text reads, "$51,059 median rental revenue. $571,371 median listing price. 6.3% example cap rate."

Tucked in the Rocky Mountains, consider Idaho Springs the gateway to a variety of world-class ski resorts — including Loveland, Winter Park, Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain, and Echo Mountain Ski Resort. This historic Colorado locale gives investors the unique opportunity to grab travelers who want to hit big-name slopes without the high daily rates and tourist congestion that come with being in the center of a major ski town. 

Of course, ski proximity isn’t the only perk of an Idaho Springs vacation rental investment. The area has a variety of warm-weather to-dos for nature lovers, a bustling downtown with local restaurants, shops, and breweries, and it’s only about 45 minutes by car from Denver.

According to our experts, Idaho Springs has seen cap rate rise in the last year thanks to a substantial increase in median rental revenue, which reflects growing demand owners can harness with a strong purchase and strategic revenue optimization. And while home prices are on the rise in this area, smaller homes with one to two bedrooms are commonly the top profit drivers (particularly when they have mountain views and hot tubs). These tend to fall well below the median listing price, creating room to slide into this market at lower upfront costs while outpacing income averages — further boosting your cap rate potential. 

Like last year, there are short-term rental restrictions and permitting requirements at play in this area. It’s a good idea to partner with real estate experts who can help confirm you’re meeting regulations before diving into a purchase.

Invest in a property already vetted for vacation rental potential with these homes for sale. Each is handpicked for their potential to perform well in their respective markets — putting you ahead of the game from the jump.

7. Boone, NC

Photo of a winter scene with snow on a pine tree near Boone, North Carolina. Image text reads, "$37,628 median rental revenue. $423,825 median listing price. 6.2% example cap rate."

You’ll find Boone in the Blue Ridge Mountains, centrally located within easy driving distance of three major ski resorts: Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain, and Appalachian Ski Mountain. When visitors aren’t on the slopes, they can enjoy scenic Blue Ridge Parkway drives, hike up the iconic Grandfather Mountain, pan for gems at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine, and hop between local breweries and distilleries.

With crisp, snowy winters and lush summers, Boone compels outdoor adventurers across seasons. Plus, downtown Boone boasts a vibrant music and arts scene with tons of year-round events that bring in a steady stream of visitors. 

Evolve owners earning nearly double the median rental revenue have properties in Boone that are within ten miles of one of the area’s top three ski resorts. They also make good use of the outdoors with hot tubs, large decks, private backyard spaces, and/or on-site hiking trails. Many of these top-performing homes are also classic log cabins that allow pets — an amenity guests often look for in the South

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $80,062 annually!

Interested in the idea of a cabin investment? Check out the best places to buy one from coast to coast.

8. Boyne City, MI

Photo of a chairlift on top of a hill near Boyne City, Michigan during the off season. Image text reads, "$33,724 median rental revenue. $383,845 median listing price. 6.2% example cap rate."

The only Midwestern contender of all the best places to buy a ski property, Boyne City blends winter sports with an inviting small-town atmosphere and a wide range of outdoor activities, like snowshoeing and ice fishing. It’s located near the pristine shores of Lake Charlevoix and offers easy access to the world-renowned Boyne Mountain Resort, grabbing demand from families and large groups in both the winter and summer months.

List prices in this area have increased while median rental revenue dipped in the last year, bringing down the overall cap rate. With that said, Evolve owners equipped with expert rental management strategies are still blowing income averages out of the water — and, in many cases, are actually performing even better than they did last year. 

The secret: most of our high-earners are cabins that sit close to Boyne Mountain Resort. They also tend to be more spacious, allowing for eight to twelve guests, and feature fantastic multi-season perks like fire pits and hot tubs. Since families are one of the area’s primary audiences, kid-friendly amenities (think: DVD players, children’s toys, and game rooms) are another important detail to feature.

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $107,389 annually!

9. Ruidoso, NM

Aerial image of snow-capped mountains in Ruidoso, New Mexico during winter. Image text reads, "$27,885 median rental revenue. $362,411 median listing price. 5.4% example cap rate."

Ruidoso’s alpine charm, arts, vibrant culinary scene, and Wild West history makes it a shoe-in for vacationers of all kinds — but it’s particularly attractive to outdoor adventurers. 

Guests can enjoy downhill fun at Ski Apache Resort and snow tube at Winter Park Recreational Area in the winter. When the snow melts, they can hike the Sierra Blanca Mountains or visit the region’s most popular landmarks (like White Sands National Monument and Lincoln National Forest) — which extends booking potential from nature lovers across seasons.

It tracks, then, that the homes performing best in Ruidoso tend to have wraparound decks, stunning mountain views, and hot tubs. Consider your proximity to Ski Apache Resort and local sightseeing must-dos, too; providing an easy guest commute to the most popular attractions will give your property a marketing edge.

10. Maggie Valley, NC

Photo of a winter scene with snow covered trees and thick fog near Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Image text reads, "$31,323 median rental revenue. $419,009 median listing price. 5.2% example cap rate."

In the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Maggie Valley is a paradise for winter sports, hiking, biking, golf, and ample scenic beauty. This charming mountain town offers easy access to the beloved Cataloochee Ski Area and Tube World. Plus, it’s conveniently set right in between Bryson City and Asheville — two other popular North Carolina enclaves with plenty of day trip appeal. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t look out over the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Maggie Valley area, so it’s no surprise that high-earning vacation rentals all boast awe-inspiring views. 

Beyond that, Evolve owners taking home more than double the median revenue are located within 10 miles of Cataloochee Ski Area and offer luxe touches like fire pits, saunas, and game rooms. They’re also often traditional log cabins that cater to multi-generational groups by offering safety for young children and accessibility for the elderly.

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $67,456 annually!

11. Brian Head, UT

Photo from the top of a trail looking down at a ski resort in Brian Head, Utah covered in snow. Image text reads, "$22,228 median rental revenue. $324,689 median listing price. 4.8% example cap rate."

Often referred to as the “highest resort town in America,” Brian Head sits at 9,800-foot elevation in the Dixie National Forest. Brian Head Resort makes the area a wonderful destination for avid skiers, while hikers can use it as an easy base camp for visits to two popular national parks: Zion and Bryce Canyon. This translates to strong potential for all-season bookings from outdoor enthusiasts.

Some Evolve owners earn more than triple the area’s market median revenue with properties that are within a mile of Brian Head Resort — and many even sit right at the base of a chair lift for premium access to the slopes. They also tend to be larger homes with four to five bedrooms and are predominantly cabins, leaning into the rustic charm of exposed logs, fireplaces, and woodsy furnishings.

Owners just need a standard permit and license to operate here, which is another reason this market ranks as one of the best ski towns for a rental property investment. It’s worth noting the local government requires annual snow removal services for safety — a best practice for winterizing a vacation rental that all owners in snowy areas should add to their routine maintenance checklist.

Image text reads, "The Evolve Difference: Our owners have earned up to $79,296 annually!

12. Pagosa Springs, CO

Aerial photo of Pagosa Springs, Colorado with the sun hitting the tops of mountains during winter. Image text reads, "$32,134 median rental revenue. $539,099 median listing price. 4.2% example cap rate."

Pagosa Springs is located in the rugged San Juan Mountains roughly twenty miles from Wolf Creek Ski Area — a popular destination with an awesome array of trails for any skill level and the “most snow in Colorado.” This laid-back ski town is free of the long lines and hectic crowds you’ll often find in classics like Breckenridge and Vail, making it a uniquely peaceful Colorado getaway for guests. 

Plus, Pagosa Springs has fantastic hot springs, along with a lake, river, and golf course visitors can take advantage of in warmer months. For investors, this means that a property here can capture interest from skiers looking to avoid the stress of crowded tourist areas, as well as those eager to make a return trip in non-snowy seasons. 

With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that top-performing homes in this area cater to multi-season activities. They’re often close to a local body of water and within thirty miles of Wolf Creek Ski Area. They also have three to five bedrooms and outdoor perks like hot tubs or on-site hiking trails. 

According to our experts, operational vacation rentals must have a local contact who lives within 60 miles of Pagosa Springs. There are also zoning and occupancy requirements owners must abide by, so it’s important to work with a professional to make sure your property purchase and rental setup are in compliance.

Need help finding a local contact? Our experts connect savvy vacation rental investors with service partners to keep properties running smoothly all year long.

Buy the Perfect Ski Property with Evolve

Investing in a short-term rental property is a major decision, but you don’t have to navigate the process on your own. Whether you’re drawn to a cozy cabin in the Poconos or a slopeside gem in one of the best ski resorts to buy property (like Vernon Township’s Mountain Creek), our seasoned real estate experts can help you take the next step.

We have the data to inform your investment opportunities and define your income goals, preferred local real estate agents with expertise in vacation rental purchases, and helpful management tools to make your ski property a success once you’re ready to kickstart your business.

For additional research, here are some resources to help you better understand the potential of vacation rental investment:

Now that you’re ready to talk about an investment in one of the best places to buy a ski property, reach out to our team today.

Luxury vacations were once limited to all-inclusive resorts and high-end hotels. But with the rising popularity (and wide variety) of luxury vacation rentals in the U.S., those traditional spots aren’t the only option for guests anymore.

With the right vacation rental, you can take luxe to the next level — added privacy, extra-large space, and jaw-dropping scenery, all delivered at hotel-quality standards. Whether your dream luxury vacation rental is located by the beach or in the mountains, close to wine country or brimming with family fun, these will have you seeing five stars without ever having to step outside the property.

In This Article:
Lavish Vero Beach Escape
Oceanfront Isla Mujeres Estate
Unique Sedona Retreat
Victorian Catskills Mansion 
Lavish Lake Chelan Getaway
Luxe Asheville Home with Stunning Mountain Views
Private Gem in Paradise Valley
La Jolla Hilltop Hideaway
Los Cerrillos Hillside Villa
Kid-Friendly Disney Paradise
Amish Country Villa 
Mountain Village Marvel

1. Lavish Vero Beach Escape

Photo of a lavish backyard pool in Vero Beach, surrounded by lounge chairs and palm trees.

Designed for a life of leisure, this modern coastal vacation rental is perfect for your next seaside rendezvous or mid-winter warm-up. Scout out the best golf courses nearby to hit the links, or score an enviable tan with long days spent beach-hopping along the Atlantic coast. 

Set yourself up poolside with front-row views to the saltwater canal, or cast off on a  boating or fishing adventure from the private dock. Either way, this bright and airy abode easily takes the cake (or cocktail) for an unforgettable luxury vacation in the U.S.

After soaking in the balmy, breezy climate, cool off indoors with central A/C and floor-to-ceiling windows that boast an eye-catching backdrop of the outdoor oasis. To sweeten your stay even more, unwind with creature comforts like a chef’s kitchen, Smart TVs, and a personal bathroom for each bedroom.

See more Vero Beach homes

2. Oceanfront Isla Mujeres Estate

Photo of a lavish oceanfront pool in Isla Mujeres, Mexico with a row of four beach chairs under big blue umbrellas overlooking the water.

Boasting all the perks of a high-end resort minus the crowds, this sprawling 8-bedroom, 10-bathroom vacation rental is sure to be a top contender for your next luxury vacation abroad. Stretch out amongst the main villa and 2 casitas, or gather together for sun-soaked days spent splashing in the saltwater infinity pool.

Without the company of other tourists, you’ll feel worlds away from the Mayan ruins and resort towns, but don’t fret — this oceanfront estate offers easy access to shopping and dining in town, along with close proximity to the island’s ferry to mainland Cancun.

Back on island time, take advantage of all that “Casa de Las Palmas” has to offer, from the various decks and balconies with sweeping Caribbean ocean views to the indoor and outdoor kitchens. Not in the mood to cook and clean? A private chef is available to make your Mexican holiday truly effortless.

See more Mexican homes

3. Unique Sedona Retreat

Photo of a stunning vacation rental at dusk with the lights on in Sedona, Arizona.

Nature lovers can discover their own private oasis at this one-of-a-kind vacation rental in Arizona’s luxury home hotspot. Whether you’re planning a spiritual retreat or an unforgettable family reunion, this property’s main home, guest house, and pristine landscaping all offer the space and serenity to relax. 

Welcome the outside in with intricate stone work that mimics the surrounding red rocks of Sedona, or delight in gorgeous details like tall stained glass windows, a claw-foot tub, and a vintage iron oven. 

When you need a moment alone, lounge on the wraparound porch, or soak in the gorgeous gardens and koi pond from the red rock lanai. (There’s also access to nearby trails on-site.) Sedona itself is rich with indulgent activities too, like eating at this acclaimed Mexican restaurant owned by a James Beard Award winner, or booking a unique-to-the-area wine and vortex tour.

See more Sedona homes

4. Victorian Catskills Mansion

Photo of the exterior of a Victorian manor vacation rental near Windham, New York. The photo is taken during summer with lush trees and greenery.

When it comes to sharing a spectacular experience (and splitting a splurgy bill), the more the merrier. And with 12 bedrooms and accommodations for 33 guests, the “Windham Manor” is a great luxury vacation rental for friends and family to comfortably come together. 

This remodeled Victorian Mansion sits on 45 private acres of fields and forests, with breathtaking views of the Catskill Mountains from the wraparound deck. You can also enjoy your own slice of serenity with private bathrooms, flatscreen TVs, and picture windows in almost every bedroom. 

For some extra R&R, a full-service spa is even available upon request at this luxury vacation spot. Or you can take a more DIY approach and fix yourself a cocktail at the bar, take a soak in one of the massive tubs, and share a cozy moment around the fire pit.

See more Windham homes

5. Lavish Lake Chelan Getaway

Photo of a large living room space in a vacation rental near Manson, Washington. The large windows overlook a mountainous range during winter.

This four-acre retreat in the heart of Washington wine country offers unbeatable views of the Cascade Range and glacier-fed Lake Chelan. With room for up to six travelers, you and your crew can experience the vast beauty of this region from your own waterfront oasis.   

Equipped with a stunning private pool, tons of fenced-in green space and outdoor seating, and luxurious indoor living areas, you’ll find everything you need for the ultimate getaway.

Whether you spend your days exploring nearby state parks, hopping between local wineries, or enjoying the sparkling blue waters of Lake Chelan right from your patio, this luxury vacation rental is sure to provide a memorable — and rejuvenating — experience.

See more Lake Chelan homes

Not quite ready to book? Favorite your top luxury vacation rentals so you can easily find them when planning your future vacations.

6. Luxe Asheville Home with Stunning Mountain Views

Photo of a living space in Asheville, with modern white couches and chic stools, a long dining table with midcentury leather chairs, and a large kitchen with island — all overlooking the green mountain range nearby.

Cozy cabin who? A trip to the mountains doesn’t have to be rustic, and that’s especially true at this luxury 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath vacation rental full of contemporary furnishings and modern amenities. Admire your kingdom (aka the Blue Ridge Mountains) from the perch of the spacious hilltop deck, or lazily luxuriate in sunset-viewing and stargazing from bed, where large picture windows afford scenic surrounding vistas.

In between your morning routine and evening wind-down, explore the best of Asheville for sightseeing, brewery-hopping, or hiking in the Pisgah National Forest. Wherever your itinerary takes you, you’ll love coming home to get cozy for bed with a dip in the soaking tub or a nightcap around the fireplace — stunning mountain-view backdrops included.

See more Asheville homes

7. Private Gem in Paradise Valley

Photo of a villa vacation rental in Paradise Valley, Arizona that has a large private pool and expansive back porch area great for hosting parties.

This five-bedroom estate in the Arizona desert places you (and 13 guests) a few miles north of Old Town Scottsdale. As you arrive, enjoy a preview of the home’s 1.5 acres of landscaped grounds, including a circle driveway and front fountain.

Inside, let yourself be awestruck by luxe-but-comfortable decor and top-of-the-line amenities — including a game room and wet bar. The main bedroom suite even has its own fireplace, jetted tub, and walk-in closet, so you can treat yourself to a full spa experience without leaving your home-away-from-home.

The sheer number of outdoor perks helps you unwind, too. Lounge in the outdoor living room with another fireplace, TV, and misters, or fire up the dining area’s built-in grill. Quench your thirst for fun in the private pool with a slide, diving board, and waterfall, or with a friendly match on the half basketball court.

See more Paradise Valley homes

8. La Jolla Hilltop Hideaway

Modern vacation rental living space near La Jolla, California that has a panoramic views of the surrounding area.

For a different take on a luxury beach vacation, set your sights on the sweeping coastal views of this hillside perch in La Jolla. You can step through the airy, open spaces of the modern home and onto the wraparound flagstone terrace, where it’s easy to take in the unreal scenery while firing up the barbecue or sipping cocktails by two gas fire pits. When you’re ready for a dip, you can head downstairs to the private yard to splash in the pool and hot tub.

With multiple living spaces, five bedrooms, and a huge gourmet kitchen, even 15 guests will have plenty of breathing room to discover their own special spot to relax. The ocean also sits just a few minutes away by car, along with Michelin-star restaurants ready to serve you an elegant night out.

See more La Jolla homes

9. Los Cerrillos Hillside Villa

Photo of an interior space at a vacation rental near Los Cerrills, New Mexico. The Spanish style rental overlooks breathtaking views in the distance.

When it’s time to splurge on a big life event, forgo the standard banquet halls for this 13,000 square foot Los Cerillos villa. Centrally located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the more-than-accommodating space is the epitome of Colonial Spanish decor, with historical pieces peppered around beautiful old-world architecture. 

You can relax and refresh in one of the nine bedrooms, as each has its own Kiva fireplace and en-suite bathroom. Once you’re hungry, it’s easy to prepare a meal in the commercial-grade kitchen, swap stories in the formal dining room, and share a drink around the grand piano. 

Just don’t forget to give yourself a regal reception in the sprawling stone courtyard, complete with panoramic views, a lovely garden, and room for seating and dancing. It’s the perfect place to throw a celebration that leaves everyone feeling star-struck in the desert.

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Speaking of luxury: All of our homes are backed by our Rest Easy Promise that your vacation rental will be safe, clean, and ready for you and your loved ones’ arrival.

10. Kid-Friendly Disney Paradise

Photo of matching Disney themed bunk beds in a vacation rental in Davenport, Florida.

In the magical world of Disney, your family deserves a luxury vacation rental that’s fit for a prince or princess — and this beautiful villa in Davenport delivers. Located just 20 minutes from Disney World and Orlando, it’s a convenient home base for your days of sightseeing. When you’re back, you can splash in the private pool and hot tub under a lanai, watch films in the Hollywood-themed movie room, channel your inner Ratatouille in the chef’s kitchen, and play air hockey or pool in the game room. 

Each space is decorated in themes that spark the imagination, from adorable beach vibes and Arabian Nights for the young ones to regal touches in the master suites. On top of all that, you also have access to the shared community amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, business center, sand volleyball court, playground, and picnic area. 

In other words, this property lets you think outside the resort and treat yourself to a luxury vacation rental in the U.S. with all the comforts and convenience of home.

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11. Amish Country Villa

Photo of the backyard patio of a vacation rental in Atglen, PA that includes a grill, smoker, furniture, and barn in the distance.

You can bring the whole family together and still have plenty of space to spare in this sprawling home on 60 acres of woodlands. From the cozy, book-filled study to the private hiking trails that criss-cross through the surrounding forest, everyone can have their own slice of paradise. There’s even a private basement apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen — the perfect opportunity to give kids and teens a taste of independence while making your trip a vacation for the books. 

Athletes of all ages can kickstart some friendly competition on the barn-turned-basketball court or the outdoor tennis court. You can also enjoy the cooking and crafts of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, have a play day at the nearby Dutch Wonderland amusement park, or simply stay put to enjoy the ample amenities at this luxury vacation rental. No matter which route you choose, it’s easy to enjoy the simple life in the most extravagant way possible.

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12. Mountain Village Marvel

Photo of a modern cabin living room in Telluride with a stone fireplace, modular couches, a flat screen tv, and dark purple lamps. The location and amenities make it one of the top luxury vacation rentals in the U.S.

Carve straight off the slopes and into your dream house at this spacious ski chalet in Mountain Village that’s tailor-made for large groups. You’ll want to venture off-piste at this luxury vacation rental, which boasts 5-star amenities, an unbeatable location, and postcard-worthy views.

Discover premier perks like a steam room, game room, and home gym (Pelton riders rejoice!), along with the convenience of on-site ski and boot storage. For supper reservations and shopping trips, hop on the free gondola into downtown Telluride — home to lots of shops, restaurants, and popular destinations like Bridal Veil Falls and the Via Ferrata.

After long, powder-packed days on the slopes (or hikes along Mount Sneffels in summer), come home to enjoy the après of your dreams. R&R is guaranteed with muscle-rejuvenating soaks in the private hot tub, snuggles and cocoa around the wood-burning fireplace, and sunset-viewing on the furnished mountain-view deck, equipped with outdoor heaters and a BBQ.

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Rest Easy in Your Luxury Vacation Rental

When your heart is set on enjoying one of the best luxury vacation rentals in the U.S., any little hiccup can ruin the mood. That’s why every stay in our homes is backed by our Rest Easy Promise that your vacation rental will always be safe, clean, and ready for you and your family.

Find your perfect home

If you want to discover more dreamy destinations for any size budget, be sure to check out our other travel blogs that can inspire your next itinerary. From unique escapes, tiny houses, and small towns with huge appeal to leaf-peeping destinations and stargazing sites, there’s an endless number of trips begging to be added to your bucket list.

Forested peaks, calm lake waters, and powdery ski resorts make the Poconos a true gem of a vacation destination for anyone looking to unwind. Every year, East Coasters trade the daily grind for the Poconos’ laid-back atmosphere in droves — so it comes as no surprise that the area sees nearly 30 million visitors annually. 

With a strong hold on travel demand and a special draw for families, the Pocono Mountains are one of the leading markets for vacation rental. For eager buyers, this means there’s major profit potential with Poconos investment properties. 

To help you understand the income opportunity this top vacation rental market presents, we created a free downloadable vacation rental market analysis. Inside you’ll find: 

The findings in this analysis are based on Evolve’s Poconos market averages in the last year and provide a general baseline for performance potential. They’re designed to help inform smart buying decisions when investing in the Poconos. 

Download Our Complete Poconos Vacation Rental Investment Analysis

Green icon of a lake house with waves, trees, and stars

Why the Poconos Are a Great Place to Own Vacation Rental Property

Easily accessible from New York City, Philadelphia, and Newark, the Poconos are an ideal location for urbanites looking for fun things to do at any time of year. In the summer, waterfront days reign supreme on Lake Wallenpaupack and Lake Harmony, while skiing at six Poconos resorts is a winter hit.

That’s why — while many vacation rental owners rely on a single high season to generate the majority of their income — the Poconos attract a steady flow of travelers and enjoy two peak seasons. This gives investors higher occupancy and daily rates for longer spans of the calendar year, translating to more chances for five-star reviews and extra income. 

Investing in the Poconos is also relatively affordable, with median prices for properties in hotspots like Mount Pocono ($250,000) and Stroudsburg ($335,000) consistently lower than the U.S. average (not to mention it consistently finds a home on our list of best places to buy). And with bookings year-round, it’s possible to recoup upfront costs and start earning passive income faster.

Green icon of a crystal ball with the words "profit prediction" in the center

How Much Money Can You Earn with a Poconos Investment Property?

The annual draw of the Poconos means investors can earn the trust of returning guests and potentially make more consistent income. Reaching your full potential, though, depends on a variety of considerations.

Property Size

This region tends to attract big groups and families, so the best investment opportunities in the Poconos are larger homes that often outperform those with smaller footprints. On average, five-bedroom properties see the highest annual revenue and daily rates, so look for as much square footage as your budget allows to really help maximize your investment opportunity. 

That said, homes with fewer bedrooms still give investors plenty of room to shine. Three-bedroom rentals have one of the highest annual occupancy rates across property sizes, and they account for the largest portion of available inventory in the area — a win-win for those looking to buy at lower price points while still getting a full bookings calendar.

Property Location

Our real estate experts say those visiting the Poconos want to stay in close proximity to lakes, ski resorts, or waterparks — so buying a vacation home near one or more of these local draws can increase the potential for more bookings and annual income. 

Even better: a property with direct lakefront or ski-in/ski-out access provides an added level of luxury and convenience that attracts more guests at even higher rates.

Property Amenities

Given the area’s popularity among families and large groups, it’s most important to feature amenities that keep them comfortable and entertained. Start by maximizing capacity (and profit!) with bunk beds, trundles, or sleeper sofas. Then, include family-friendly touches like entertainment consoles or lawn games. 

According to our experts, the two most sought-after amenities in the Poconos are game rooms and hot tubs. Game rooms offer tons of kid-approved entertainment all in one place, and can provide fun for all ages when they include things like ping-pong or pool tables. Hot tubs are a surefire way to please adult guests, plus they help catch the attention of cold-weather travelers and secure more winter bookings.

To make your vacation rental even more attractive to the Poconos’ summer guests, consider lake essentials like paddleboards and kids’ floaties, or big-ticket amenities like a private pool or boat dock. 

As a traditional vacation rental destination, it’s also important to note that many properties on the market are older builds. While you might opt for a more outdated home to save some cash upfront, our in-house experts suggest being prepared to give it a facelift. A home that doesn’t keep up with more contemporary tastes and luxuries will likely lose bookings to nearby competitors. Add modern finishes, stainless steel appliances, flatscreen TVs, and upscale decor to really give your Poconos investment property an income-driving edge.

Download Our Full Poconos, PA Vacation Rental Market Analysis

With year-round charm for travelers and solid vacation rental interest, the best investment properties in the Poconos can offer serious profit potential to owners who make focused, data-backed decisions.

Whether you’re in the market to buy an investment property or looking to make the most of an existing homedownload our full Poconos Vacation Rental market analysis to set yourself up for success. It has tons of important insights, including:  

Discovering the most lucrative Poconos investment properties should feel as exciting as a day of thrills at Great Wolf Lodge. Use this exclusive performance intel to guide your next steps toward vacation rental success.

Hawaii is truly a magical vacation destination. From snorkeling and sailing to beachside relaxation, there’s an adventure for everyone in this tropical paradise. 

Owning a vacation rental in Hawaii can feel magical too, as properties of all shapes and sizes can house the millions of tourists who visit annually. 

Since each island has its own flair, below is a breakdown of the unique features and benefits for the best places to invest in Hawaii — Kauai and the Big Island’s Kona Coast — to help you decide where your investment dollars should go. 

We’ve also created free, downloadable vacation rental market analyses for each area, so you can take a closer look at your investment opportunities. These reports include:

The findings in these analyses are based on Evolve’s Hawaii market averages over the last year, and provide a general baseline for performance potential. They’re designed to help inform smart decisions when buying a vacation rental in Hawaii.

Download Our Hawaii Vacation Rental Investment Analyses

Note: This article was modified on August 16th, 2023, removing Maui as a result of Maui wildfire impacts.

In This Article:

What the Best Hawaii Vacation Rental Markets Have in Common

What to Know About Owning a Vacation Rental in Kauai 

What to Know About Owning a Vacation Rental on the Big Island

What the Best Hawaii Vacation Rental Markets Have in Common

While Kauai and the Big Island each have unique draws, many pros and cons of a Hawaii investment property stand true in both popular destinations. Consider these key factors no matter which market you decide to zero in on.

Demand Is Strong Most of the Year

With warm weather year-round, Hawaii sees solid demand throughout the calendar. Travel tends to peak in late winter as vacationers escape to this beachy paradise from colder climates.

But interest continues through the spring, summer, and fall as well — which can translate to consistent bookings and rental income. This makes it especially important to get a new vacation rental five-star ready before opening your calendar to guests. Be sure to establish efficient-but-thorough cleaning and maintenance practices, too, so you’re always prepared for the next stay.

Some Amenities Are Attention-Grabbers

Between Hawaii’s heat and high humidity, our real estate experts say air conditioning is a hot commodity on any island. Pools are also a major perk, as are outdoor spaces with large decks so guests can embrace the surrounding natural beauty without leaving home. 

When it is time to explore, your vacation rental’s location should make that easy. Nearby beach access or true waterfront status are highly sought-after in Hawaii, and beach-friendly amenities (like umbrellas and snorkeling gear) can go a long way toward getting five-star reviews from guests. Consider proximity to local attractions as well (like Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, or Kauai’s Hāʻena State Park). This gives your rental a stronger chance of becoming a highly-bookable home base for adventure.

Also, no matter what property type you go for (say, a quaint inland cottage or a tried-and-true beach house), Hawaii travelers love resort-style vibes. It’s wise to upgrade spaces with luxe touches like smart TVs and WiFi, and to bring local charm to your indoor decor so guests can have a more authentic vacation. You can also provide welcome gifts, along with kid-friendly amenities to up the ante on your top-notch service.

Vacation Rental Regulations Are Common

Our experts say short-term rental regulations have intensified across many of the Hawaiian islands over the last few years. So it’s important to research market-specific restrictions and work with local agents who specialize in vacation rental to prepare for the process.

The Big Island, for instance, restricts rentals in certain zones. Meanwhile, Kauai puts parameters on lengths of stay and requires at least three or even four permits to operate. 

Honolulu has a full ban in place on all new short-term rentals. This is why — despite common interest in Honolulu investment properties — we’re not recommending a vacation rental investment on the island of Oahu. 

Though regulations can introduce more legwork upfront, a Hawaii investment property — particularly on the islands of Kauai and Big Island — can be worth the effort with the right due diligence and vacation rental experts on your side.

What to Know About Owning a Vacation Rental in Kauai

Waterfall and natural pool surrounded by lush green vegetation in Kauai, HI, a great place to own a Hawaii investment property

Kauai is an adventurer’s paradise. With a bit less tourism infrastructure than other Hawaiian islands, the Garden Isle feels more untouched and rugged. This makes it ideal for travelers wanting to go off the beaten path and escape crowds. 

The island has also had some serious silver screen time in the Jurassic Park series, so it’s easy to see how Kauai offers an almost other-worldly experience. 

When considering a Hawaii investment property in Kauai, note that there’s a two-person limit on every vacation rental bedroom. As a result, you won’t be able to maximize your guest capacity with things like multiple bunk beds or futons here. It can also take up to 180 days to get vacation rental licenses approved, so it may not be a fast turnaround from your date of purchase to when you start earning vacation rental revenue.

How Much Money Can You Earn with a Kauai Vacation Rental?

Kauai’s average home price currently sits around $970,000. Though expensive, Kauai has the highest ceiling for annual income of any Hawaiian market. That means owning a vacation rental here can be especially lucrative in the long-term. 

While five-bedroom homes tend to see the most annual revenue, two-bedroom properties take a fairly significant lead in year-round occupancy (with one-bedroom properties following close behind). These smaller homes also make up the vast majority of local availability inventory, giving investors more options with profit potential.

The island is small enough that proximity to great sites isn’t an issue — you’re likely to be a stone’s throw away from a hotspot like Hāʻena State Park or one of Kauai’s nine forest reserves no matter where you buy. But keep in mind that beach-view homes are always a bonus in such a beautiful place. Movie buffs also love Kauai’s connection to the Jurassic Park series, so searching for properties near classic film locations can help you capitalize on that interest and maximize earnings.

Download Our Kauai Vacation Rental Market Analysis

What to Know About Owning a Vacation Rental on the Big Island

An ocean view at sunset with palm trees silhouetted on a beach on the Kona Coast, a top location for a Hawaii investment property

With stark volcanic cliffs and black sand beaches, the Big Island is sure to inspire awe. Perhaps the most well-known in Hawaii’s island chain, there’s one region along its western shore that follows suit as its most popular vacation spot: the Kona Coast.

Naturally, that makes the Kona Coast the prime Big Island location for a Hawaii investment property. It sees a small demand slump in early fall that other islands don’t, but it has a high peak for occupancy rates — second only to Kauai. That can mean major cash flow opportunities for owners in busy seasons, with an end-of-summer breathing period that’s perfect for getting your own getaway on the books. 

This island’s caveat: short-term rentals on the Kona Coast are restricted to hotel, resort, commercial, and multi-family commercial zones. It’s important to reach out to the county before buying a Big Island vacation rental to double-check which zone your potential property sits in, and that it complies with local regulations.

How Much Money Can You Earn with a Kona Coast Vacation Rental?

Kona Coast home prices average around $860,000, making the area more affordable than its Kauai neighbor and a strong contender for the best place to invest in Hawaii.

Bigger properties tend to see the highest daily rates here, with four- and five-bedroom homes earning the most annual revenue on average. 

Like Kauai, however, you don’t need to invest in huge homes on the Big Island’s Kona Coast to be successful. One- to three-bedroom homes all tend to see a higher average number of nights booked in the calendar year than their four-bedroom counterparts, and a three-bedroom Evolve home was also our top performer in the last 12 months. This really just highlights the broader traveler appeal of this Hawaiian market. 

Since the Big Island’s unique terrain is what sets it apart, our experts say proximity to local attractions can have a massive impact on Kona Coast rental success. Look for homes near the recently-expanded Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, or by the black sands of Punaluʻu Beach. Coffee is also a big part of Kona’s culture, so offering an easy commute to the best places to enjoy it (and outlining those recommendations in your welcome book) can make guests buzz. 

Download Our Kona Coast Vacation Rental Market Analysis

Get Our Hawaii Vacation Rental Market Analyses

As a dream destination for travelers of all types, a Hawaii investment property can be really ideal for investors in search of massive demand in unmatched island landscapes. 

To get a closer look at the best places to invest in Hawaii, download our complete Vacation Rental Market Analyses for Kauai and the Big Island’s Kona Coast today. 

Each report includes helpful insights like:

Use our reports to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed for vacation rental investment success, and make your entry into the market a total breeze.

Vacation rentals with a private pool offer an escape worthy of daydreams. They invite you to cool off, bask in the sun, and spend golden hour al fresco — sipping a bevvy and enjoying your getaway to the fullest.

From desert backdrops to indoor oases ready for every season, we’ve rounded up our most-loved vacation rentals with private pools. So, bring your biggest shades, your favorite swimsuit, and a splash of fun. Let’s dive in.

Narrow your search to see the perfect rentals for poolside bliss on evolve.com. Filter by location, size, price, and even property type (so you can find your just-right home).

In This Article:
Desert Oasis Overlooking the Arizona Mountains
A Private Pool & Spa Near the Las Vegas Strip
Waterfront Vacation Rental with a Private Pool in the Ozarks
Oceanview Rental with Private Pool & Hawaii Palms
Retro Rental with a Heated Pool in Palm Springs
Lavish Lake Chelan Escape with Panoramic Views
Family Vacation Rental with a Private Pool in Nashville
Gorgeous Miramar Villa with a Lakeside Pool
Luxurious Michigan Getaway Right on the Water
Former Virginia Winery with Pool & Mountain Views
Private Bed & Breakfast Experience in Naples, NY
Gold Canyon Getaway with Private Pool & Fire Pit
Family-Friendly Austin Abode Near Lake Travis
Award-Winning Phoenix Villa with Infinity Pool & Views
Kailua Beach House with Backyard Oasis

1. Desert Oasis Overlooking the Arizona Mountains

Vacation rental with private pool overlooking the Arizona mountains surrounded by cacti, palm trees, and bushes

When you’re kicking back in this private backyard, you do it with a stunning Arizona vista — McDowell Mountains included. Under the palm fronds, you can soak in the hot tub, dine outdoors, and swim through a pool with its own water fountain. Just 30 minutes from Scottsdale and Tempe, AZ, your recreation and entertainment opportunities are endless.

Book your own oasis

2. A Private Pool & Spa Near the Las Vegas Strip

Large outdoor pool and hot tub located in the backyard of a vacation rental property, surrounded by palm trees and flowering bushes.

The lush, tropical backyard of this Las Vegas, NV rental transports you to a private paradise between the Strip and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Whether you choose to hike through the canyons or the casinos, you’ll always return home to jump into the private, sparkling pool and unwind in the rejuvenating waters of the spa.

Book your Vegas vacay

3.Waterfront Vacation Rental with a Private Pool in the Ozarks

Large deck with an outdoor pool overlooks the Lake of the Ozarks

Located right on the Lake of the Ozarks, this five-bedroom home invites you to lounge poolside, unwind on the deck, and enjoy dinner with million-dollar main channel views. And we mean it: the pool directly overlooks the water with surrounding trees for ultimate privacy. Just be sure to plan your trip accordingly, because this seasonal pool isn’t open in colder months.

Book luxury on the lake

4. Oceanview Rental with Private Pool & Hawaii Palms

Private deck and pool overlooking Keauhou Bay, surrounded by palm trees and tropical plans

When it comes to oceanfront vacation rentals with private pool spaces, the Hawaiian islands are a great place to start. And this four-bedroom Kailua-Kona escape brings a lot to the table: open, contemporary design, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Keauhou Bay, and a pool paradise with its own private deck. When the saltwater calls, kayaking and fishing await within walking distance.

Book your big island retreat

5. Retro Rental with a Heated Pool in Palm Springs

Mid-century modern home sits next to a bright outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees

This mid-century home in Palm Springs, CA invites you to sip your favorite drink by the heated pool while splashes of color and vintage decor take you back to the city’s early days. After basking in the sun with the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course as your backdrop, head downtown to experience the art, food, and culture this destination is famous for.

Book your Palm Springs pool

6. Lavish Lake Chelan Escape with Panoramic Views

Luxury modern home with a patio and pool surrounded by patio furniture and views of the Cascade Mountains

With Lake Chelan landscapes available indoors and out, this modern home in Manson, WA will “wow” you at every turn. Take a dip in the pool overlooking the Cascade Mountains, and cook a gourmet dinner in the beautifully appointed kitchen. When you’re ready to venture off-property, multiple golf courses and local wineries are at your fingertips!

Book your lakeside lounge

7. Family Vacation Rental with a Private Pool in Nashville

Vacation rental with private pool and patio, an outdoor grill, and beach chairs

Complete with a billiards table, furnished poolside patio, and modern kitchen, this Nashville home rental is packed with fun less than five miles from the heart of Broadway. Corral your friends and family for a dip in the seasonal pool (closed from October 1st to June 1st), play a game of pickup basketball, or head out for the sights and sounds of Music Row. As a bonus adventure, the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center is right in the neighborhood.

Book your Music City sanctuary

With so many vacation rentals to choose from, why not start with the best of the best? Our best places to stay winners offer incredible experiences all over the country.

8. Gorgeous Miramar Villa with a Lakeside Pool

Villa with private patio and pool looking out over a lakefront, surrounded by palm trees and decorated with string lights

Get your getaway on Florida’s bustling southern coast. Decked out with sparkling string lights, this Miramar, FL vacation home has a private pool on the lakefront. You can gather around the firepit, cook at the grill, and lounge by the record player inside. Take your time before heading out to Miami or Fort Lauderdale just 30 minutes away.

Book your marvelous Villa

9. Luxurious Michigan Getaway Right on the Water

Large indoor pool in a vacation rental near Union Pier, MI. The open layout with windows allows a lot of light to fill up the fun space.

Just a few steps from the shores of Lake Michigan, this private vacation rental in Union Pier, MI takes your escape up a few notches. You can swim through the heated indoor pool, play a game on the private tennis court, unwind in the sauna, and enjoy private beach access all from the comfort of home. Then, head out to enjoy the scenery of Warren Dunes State Park or the sips of St. Julian Winery.

Book your Michigan masterpiece

10. Former Virginia Winery with Pool & Mountain Views

Large deck and outdoor pool overlooks the Virginia mountains at sunset

This eight-bedroom villa in Berryville, VA is nestled on the peaceful property of a former vineyard. Bring the whole gang to enjoy mountain views from the massive deck, swing and climb on the children’s playset, picnic on the sprawling lawn, and catch the sunset from the pool. And you haven’t even left the home yet! Beyond these acres, you’re surrounded by hiking trails, local breweries, and day trip destinations like Shenandoah National Park.

Book your vineyard getaway

Not quite ready to book? You can favorite your top vacation rentals to save and reference next time you’re planning the perfect poolside getaway.

11. Private Bed & Breakfast Experience in Naples, NY

Large deck including a pool, fire pit, grill, and chairs looks out over the panoramic views of Canandaigua Lake and the surrounding hills

Nestled in the hills of Naples, NY, this spacious vacation home sleeps 10 guests who can sit by the fire pit, lounge in the hot tub, swim in the private, heated pool, and take in the panoramic views of Canandaigua Lake. With all of the essentials provided, create your own bed and breakfast experience and surround yourself with nature views from nearly every window.

Book your new Naples fave

12. Gold Canyon Getaway with Private Pool & Fire Pit

Outdoor pool in Gold Canyon, AZ

Beat the heat at this sun-dappled desert oasis, complete with a private pool and waterfall. Pack your SPF and roam the otherworldly peaks and valleys of Lost Dutchman State Park, or explore all that downtown Phoenix has to offer, from botanical gardens to golf courses. Come home to make a splash at this 3-bedroom, 2-bath, ranch-style rental — chic vibes included.

Book your Arizona oasis

13. Family-Friendly Austin Abode Near Lake Travis

Two lounge chairs next to an outdoor pool on a sunny day

Fit for swimmers of all age groups, this upscale Austin rental puts you close to the sweeping shores of Lake Travis, but even closer to the temperate waters of the sparkling backyard pool. Bring the whole family along to spread out amongst 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, and discover kid-friendly amenities that are perfect for all-day entertainment (hello, bocce ball and shuffleboard).

Book your Austin escape

14. Award-Winning Phoenix Villa with Infinity Pool & Views

Infinity pool overlooking the desert

Though it’s in the middle of the desert, this luxury Phoenix vacation rental is no mirage. Straight out of the pages of a magazine — it’s been featured in Phoenix Home & Garden — this 2-bedroom, 2-bath beauty boasts tons of top amenities. Gaze upon long-range mountain views from the infinity pool, or settle into the shade of the massive cabana as you sip cocktails from the outdoor bar. Stay the night for awe-inspiring sunsets, star-filled desert skies, and all the vibes of an exclusive resort.

Book your Sonoran holiday

15. Kailua Beach House with Backyard Oasis

Outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees

You’ll feel like you’ve got the island to yourself at this dreamy 3-bedroom, 3-bath vacation rental on Oahu. Take a dip surrounded by lush greenery, rinse off in the outdoor shower, and spend a lazy afternoon lounging in the open-air lanai. When you get the itch to explore, venture just steps to Lanikai Beach, where you’ll stumble upon screensaver-worthy views with a dash of a balmy seaside breeze.

Book your island sanctuary

Rest Easy by Your Own Private Pool

When you book with Evolve, you’ll master your butterfly stroke without a care in the world. All of our vacation rentals with private pools (and without) are backed by our Rest Easy Promise. That means you’ll arrive at a home that’s clean, safe, easy-to-access, and true to everything you saw online — or we’ll make it right.

Find more poolside getaways

Ready to venture beyond the water? Check out our top tiny homes, most luxurious stays, and best small towns for even more tantalizing travel.

One of the many reasons travelers choose unique vacation rentals over a run-of-the-mill hotel chain: the built-in experiences they offer. After all, there’s a certain thrill attached to booking a cool, private home that allows you to fully tap into your best vacation self. 

Whether you want to bring the whole family or find a one-of-a-kind vacation rental for two, these unique homes will inspire a forever-talked-about adventure.

Don’t forget: you can favorite your top picks now for easy reference when planning your future vacations.

In This Article:
Renovated Horse Farm Bunkhouse
Houseboat in Bay St. Louis
Luxury Barndominium
Medieval Missouri Castle
Renovated Fire Station
The “Balinese” Oasis
Castle of Joy
Roller Rink Loon Lodge
Lakeside Cabin with Yurt
Converted Caboose Studio
The Pink-Packed Pad
Riverside Storage Container
A Disney Lover’s Dream Home
A Schoolhouse Studio
The Luxury Treehouse
Wild West Cottage 
Spanish-Style Studio with Garden
Ted Williams’ Former Home
Charming Mermaid Hideaway
A Nascar Fan’s Bucket List Home
Renovated Gas Station

1. Renovated Horse Farm Bunkhouse

Renovated bunkhouse in Perrysville, OH

Giddy up for a one-of-a-kind stay at this renovated bunkhouse on a 12-acre farm. Countryside seekers and equestrians alike will adore everything this unique vacation rental has to offer, from the western-themed interior to the private, peaceful setting —  complete with views of the resident horses. 

Saddle up to explore the sprawling farmland, or venture out to the abundant state parks that surround the area. Traveling with your trusty steed? A horse-friendly policy makes this spacious studio that much sweeter.

 Book your renovated horse farm bunkhouse

2. Bay St. Louis Houseboat

Houseboat in Bay St. Louis, MO

They say saltwater heals all, and at this cozy houseboat rental in Bay St. Louis, you’ll be calling yourself a coastal nomad in no time. Bring your pets along to get their paws wet, or treat your sweetheart to all that this unique Airbnb has to offer, like the tranquil waterfront views and direct canal access.

Once you’ve gained your sea legs, venture back on solid ground to wander the colorful streets of Old Town, where you’ll soak in the small-town seaside charm before returning to a balmy Gulf Coast breeze on the private deck.

 Book your Bay St. Louis houseboat

3. Luxury Barndominium

Luxary barndominium in Walworth, WI

Rustic farmhouse meets luxury compound at this renovated barn, complete with twin silos that boast floor-to-ceiling views. Bring 18 of your favorite friends along to discover a variety of entertaining amenities, including a spacious deck, a massive stone fireplace, and even a home theater and gym. 

Though you might feel in a world of your own, this unique vacation rental is centrally located for everything from local wedding festivities to large-group getaways on Lake Geneva. And let’s not forget the abundance of photo ops — whether you’re lounging in the great room or posing by the facade, you’ll want to capture all the memories you’re sure to make at this one-of-a-kind ‘Barndominium.’

Book your luxury barndominium

4. Medieval Missouri Castle

Medieval style castle in Saint Mary, MO

Get the royal treatment at this sprawling private castle, boasting nearly 7,000 square feet on a whopping 100 acres. Brimming with Game of Thrones-esque features, this unique Airbnb comes with an indoor pool, fishing lake, medieval furnishings, private hiking trails, and plenty of amenities to help you live like a king or queen.

While the architecture is appealing in and of itself, the spacious Old World-themed rooms are perfect for Instagrammable moments during weddings, family reunions, and any sort of large-group retreat. If your jaw hasn’t hit the floor yet, visit the on-site waterfall — all yours for the exploring.

Book your medieval Missouri castle

5. Renovated Fire Station

Image of the dining room of a renovated fire station in Tulsa Oklahoma, vacation rental home

The furnishings of this historic, renovated fire station fully lean into the theme of its original space. Available to book in Tulsa, OK, every detail adds to the firehouse vibes inside — from the hanging helmets to the firetruck couch — while the home’s outdoor spaces are primed for yard games and activities. 

Cook up a good meal on the grill, hang on the private patio, or warm up by the fire pit before heading inside for the ultimate sleepover (there’s room to sleep six). With no steps needed to access this unique rental, it’s a home base fit for all.

Book your renovated fire station

Speaking of support: All of our homes are backed by our Rest Easy Promise that your one-of-a-kind vacation rental will be safe, clean, and ready for you and your loved ones’ arrival.

6. The “Balinese” Oasis

Tropical vacation property rental on Florida's eastern coast with palm trees, water access, and a hut for shade

Treat yourself to an international experience without needing to stamp your passport. This tropical sanctuary on Florida’s eastern coast is loaded with spa-like amenities (hello soaking tub, tiki huts, and waterfront hammocks), making it the perfect destination for honeymoons and girls’ trips alike. 

From nearby white-sand beaches to bottlenose dolphins splashing around a lagoon, there’s no shortage of memorable adventures right outside your door. This cool place to rent is sure to delight travelers of all types — and it never hurts to feel like you’ve traveled internationally while saving time and money.

Book your “Bali House” trip

7. Castle of Joy

Castle vacation rental with drawbridge and trees surrounding

Live your full-on renaissance fantasy when you stay in this epic castle, complete with a drawbridge and portcullis. When you first arrive, you’ll want to wander the 11 acres of beautiful terrain surrounding the grand stone fortress, then soak up the regal vibe of the luxurious decor inside. Of course, this home also takes you out of the dark ages and into modern comfort with a private hot tub on the terrace, where you’ll soak in great mountain views amidst your old-world surroundings. 

Whether you’re visiting to explore the stunning fall foliage in the Blue Ridge Mountains or opting for a home you hath not leave for days, this majestic home is a perfect choice.

Book your regal retreat

8. Roller Rink Loon Lodge

Roller rink inside The Loon Lodge vacation rental in Hatfield, Wisconsin

Discover an extraordinary getaway in this sprawling Hatfield cabin, where you’ll find an in-home roller rink, a full-sized bar with booth seating, a quality sound system to blast your favorite tunes, and room for up to 15 guests. Indoor entertainment continues with pool, foosball, and air hockey tables — AKA it’s the perfect family-friendly getaway!

When you’re craving a nature fix, pop off your skates and walk over to Lake Arbutus, where boating, fishing, and serene water views will greet you. Then return to your unique cabin rental and cozy up next to the fire pit under a starlit sky.

Book your roller rink Loon Lodge

Craving more unique cabin rentals? Check out our handpicked list of the coziest cabins that promise the ultimate hygge experience.

9. Lakeside Cabin with Yurt

Interior shot from inside a yurt, looking out the window to a lakeside view in a vacation rental

Wake up to lake views like never before when you stay in this picturesque Minnesota cabin with a waterside yurt. The cabin’s gorgeous coffee bar and wrap-around deck are complemented by an outdoor fire pit, private docks (with slide!), and modern yurt that truly steals the show. 

When it’s time for daily breaks from swimming in the lake, cook together in your unique cabin rental’s fully-equipped kitchen or grill out on the patio for a meal to remember. Spend your evenings watching the sun fade over the water from the deck — or from the comfort of your yurt.  

Book your lakeside cabin & yurt

10. Converted Caboose Studio

Unique vacation rental home built in an old train car and caboose with outdoor benches and a vintage railroad crossing sign.

Conduct your perfect vacation inside this converted train car studio. The old-school caboose gives you (and one travel buddy) a queen bed, full bath, stocked kitchenette, free WiFi, and a Smart TV — all surrounded by modern decor that honors the car’s railroad history.

Perched just a few minutes from charming downtown Joplin, it’s easy to stroll, shop, sip, and savor. Bring your camera to explore Route 66 Mural Park, but leave room on the roll for pics back at your place. This is a railway getaway you’ll definitely want to remember.

Book your train car vacay

11. The Pink-Packed Pad

Pink themed living room in a Tulsa, Oklahoma vacation rental

Nestled in the heart of Tulsa, this vibrant, themed vacation rental boasts a full, sleek kitchen, a flood of cozy seating areas, and tons of natural lighting to amplify the colorful decor. With room for six, a private hot tub, and Tulsa’s top cultural attractions just a walk away, this playful, flamingo-forward hotspot makes for the perfect girls’ — or Barbie-themed — weekend.

Catch captivating performances at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, discover local events at Expo Square, or try your luck at the nearby Osage Casino. After your adventures, return to the tropical charm of your retreat — where every corner invites relaxation and enjoyment.

Book your pink-packed pad

12. Riverside Shipping Container

Unique shipping container vacation rental near Branson, MO

If rich history, bold character, and wide-open spaces make your list of vacation must-haves, you won’t want to miss out on this shipping container home. Family-run since 1899, the 400 acres of organic farmland give you plenty of room to roam — along with direct access to the Spring River — while the modern living space is a perfect fit for four.

Pack your days with new experiences in nearby Branson, then come back home for incredible stargazing from the large deck. (You can also warm up by the fire pit during chillier seasons.)

Book your shipping container

13. A Disney Lover’s Dream Home

Family-friendly vacation rental near Disney in Orlando with arcade games and themed rooms

When it comes to family-friendly retreats, this themed vacation rental near Disney (it’s a mere 10 minutes away) stands out from the rest. With an action-packed game room, heart-warming references to your favorite characters, and space for 10, it’s the perfect accommodation for a multi-generational family adventure.

After a fun-filled day in Orlando, you can take a break from the crowds and dip in your private swimming pool. Or, challenge your companions to a competitive game of foosball in the air-conditioned arcade. Wherever your Disney vacation ideas lead you, when staying here you’re pretty much guaranteed to make lifelong memories with the ones you love most (and Mickey Mouse, of course).

Book your dream Disney home

14. A Schoolhouse Studio

Renovated schoolhouse vacation rental property near Kearneysville, WV

Entertain your inner history buff by making a renovated schoolhouse your vacation home base. Complete with quirky decor like old school desks and chalkboards — and nostalgic games like marbles and jacks — it’s an affordable vacation rental that’s certainly far from ordinary. 

And since every school session needs time for recess, it’s convenient that this West Virginia studio is just minutes from vineyards and hiking trails. The studious traveler can also grab a book and unwind by the gas fire pit in the private backyard, making this unique home a solid A+.

Book your schoolhouse studio

15. The Luxury Treehouse

Luxury treehouse vacation rental located Hilton Head Island, SC

Star in your own whimsical adventure when you stay in this fancy treehouse rental on Hilton Head Island. Fit for six guests, its light-filled interior and panoramic views offer a truly unique treehouse experience. Whether you’re inside cooking up a favorite meal or relaxing on the private deck, the airy architecture keeps you connected to nature throughout your stay.

You can also venture out to explore 12 miles of beaches, historic local hotspots, and a full range of good eats found in Hilton Head. Once you’re ready to unwind, your upscale treehouse is a welcoming retreat for watching the sun set over the marsh.

Book your luxury treehouse

16. Wild West Cottage

Western themed cottage in Phoenix, Arizona

Round up your best buds for a trip to the Wild West at this rustic Phoenix saloon, full of authentic charm. Start your day soaking up the desert scenery from your porch, then whip up a delicious meal in your fully-stocked kitchen. When you’re ready for a thrill, make a splash at nearby Lake Pleasant, take a hike on Black Mountain Trail, or check on your golf swing at Dove Valley Ranch. 

When the adrenaline fades, kick back in your cozy living room and fire up the SmartTV, break out a board game for some competitive fun, or get the outdoor firepit ready for evening enjoyment — just don’t forget the s’mores supplies.

 Book your Wild West cottage

17. Spanish-Style Studio with Garden

Exterior image of the backyard of a spanish style vacation rental home in Whittier, California

Spanish architecture meets California gardens in this charming studio with an enchanting outdoor area. Sip morning coffee under the orange tree before heading to nearby Disneyland, or wind down by the fire pit after a busy day exploring downtown Los Angeles.

If sandy toes are more your style, Long Beach and Mother Beach are both close by. After soaking up the sun and salty air, your cozy rental will welcome you with modern comforts (like a SmartTV and air conditioning) so you can relax with ease. 

Book your Spanish-style studio

18. Ted Williams’ Former Home

Famous Ted Williams statue in yard of unique Vermont vacation rental that used to be Ted Williams' home

It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to claim a Red Sox Hall of Famer’s home as your own. Ted Williams and his Vogue model wife, Dolores, previously lived in this Vermont haven. Filled with memorabilia from his 19-year MLB career in Boston, it’s a baseball family’s dream getaway. You can even take a seat next to Williams himself (in statue form) while the whole crew roasts marshmallows by the fire. 

Of course, a trip to this unique vacation rental wouldn’t be complete without exploring nearby Killington Mountain or fishing in the Connecticut River. Once back home, make time to enjoy the expansive backyard with a few rounds of catch.

Book your Red Sox retreat

19. Charming Mermaid Hideaway

Photo of brightly-colored, mermaid-themed vacation rental backyard with an outdoor bar, set of chairs around a table, and a large leaning tree in Weeki Wachee, FL

Nestled along the Weeki Wachee River, this charming Florida oasis is the perfect place to relax under the sun and explore the vibrant local scene. Every space in this home bursts with color, from the aqua-hued driveway and striped exterior to the mermaid-adorned steps down to your private riverfront.

When you’re ready to adventure, hop in one of three complimentary kayaks and cruise alongside friendly manatees, or load up the kids and head over to Weeki Wachee Springs for underwater performances by local mermaids. When it’s time to refuel at the end of an action-packed day, the outdoor kitchen and bar area makes at-home meals a breeze.

Book your mermaid hideaway

20. A NASCAR Fan’s Bucket List Home

Vacation rental living room and kitchen area with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX

Calling all NASCAR fans! This luxurious Fort Worth condo is the ideal place to watch your favorite drivers tear up the track. Fit for eight guests, this unique vacation rental features a 12-seat viewing area of Texas Motor Speedway with floor-to-ceiling windows.

When you’re not watching NASCAR or sun-bathing by the community pool, you can head into downtown Fort Worth to enjoy all the top things to do, or make a day trip to nearby Dallas. However you plan to kick back and relax, this one-of-a-kind home base puts you in the driver’s seat of an epic adventure.

Book your nascar dream house

21. Renovated Gas Station

Renovated Sinclair gas station vacation rental located in Schulenburg, TX

Formerly a full-service Sinclair, this gas station vacation home in Schulenburg, TX is bursting with personality. The functional ’50s jukebox and historic decor give blast-from-the-past energy, while the huge windows let in tons of natural light. And with a fenced-in backyard — not to mention a fire pit, grill, and backyard games — you’re guaranteed a getaway to be pumped about. 

Snap a few photos in front of the property’s mural before heading out for an afternoon of local wine tasting, or wind down from a day trip to Austin with stargazing on the rooftop deck. With loads of character and must-have amenities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more unique place to rent.

Book your gas station getaway

Find Unique Vacation Rentals for You

If exciting and memorable experiences are what you’re after, these unique vacation rentals are sure to deliver. And no matter where your inner adventurer takes you next, you can rest easy knowing your comfort is the highest priority when you book with Evolve.

Find your unique home

Looking for more travel inspiration? From desert escapes and luxurious getaways to family road trip itineraries and wine regions worth exploring, we have plenty of ideas to help plan your next vacation.

Let’s face it: traveling without pets isn’t as fun as traveling with them. And as more families become fur moms and dads, the demand for pet-friendly vacations continues to rise. 

In fact, a recent survey revealed over 40% of U.S. dog owners brought their pet on vacation last year. The only question is, where should you go?  

The answer? One of these dog-friendly destinations. Trust us when we say both you and your four-legged friend will be in for a real treat.

Not sure where to stay? We’ve got you covered with pet-friendly vacation rentals across the country. 

In This Article:
Asheville, NC
Gatlinburg, TN
Breckenridge, CO
Fort Myers, FL
Branson, MO
Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA
Bend, OR
Provincetown, MA
San Diego, CA

1. Asheville, NC

Pet-friendly vacation rental with large yard in Asheville, NC

There’s nothing quite like taking an active adventure with your loyal companion, especially when it’s in a place where the views are unmatched — like in Asheville and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. This dog-lover’s sweet spot offers countless outdoor activities for you and your pup. Start your day with a stroll through the North Carolina Arboretum, beat the heat with a float down the French Broad River, or get your hearts pumping with a hike around Craggy Gardens. When it’s time to relax, share a picnic in the park while watching the Montford Park Players perform Shakespeare.

See pet-friendly Asheville homes

2. Gatlinburg, TN

A-frame cabin rental near Gatlinburg, TN

Tucked away in the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg has  tons of opportunities to connect with nature while bonding with the ones you love most on a pet-friendly family vacation. Venture to Great Smoky Mountain National Park and hike the Gatlinburg Trail and Oconaluftee River Trail with your pup. Or grab your swimsuit, sunnies, and four-legged buddy and enjoy a relaxing float down the Little River. When it’s time to cut loose, Mills Dog Park has plenty of room to roam and two separate areas for different sized doggos.

A trip to Gatlinburg isn’t complete without experiencing Dollywood either, so it’s a good thing your pup can enjoy their own version of the theme park at Doggywood.

See pet-friendly Gatlinburg homes

3. Breckenridge, CO

Brightly-lit interior living space in a Breckenridge, CO vacation rental

Head to one of America’s favorite mountain towns for the pet-friendly vacation of a lifetime. There’s no shortage of exciting things to do, whether you want to ride the Breck Gondola (yes, fur-friends are allowed!), sip your worries away at the award-winning Breckenridge Distillery, or run wild at the Carter Dog Park

Plus, Denver is a short 1.5-hour drive away. There you can continue the dog-friendly fun with a day trip to Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Romeo’s K9 Tap, or Chautauqua Park. There’s even a 107-acre DOLA (Dog Off-Leash Area) at Cherry Creek State Park with water access for pups who love to get their paws wet.

See pet-friendly Breckenridge homes

4. Fort Myers, FL

Large breezeway living space in vacation rental home near pet-friendly Fort Myers, FL

If you’re in need of pet-friendly vacations in Florida (not to mention endless supplies of vitamin D), look no further than Fort Myers. It’s where you can enjoy a game of fetch on Fort Myers Beach, or head out on a guided boat tour to see local dolphins with your furry friend nearby. 

While you’re in the area, consider checking out nearby Fort Lauderdale. It’s only two hours away, and Snyder Dog Park and Coconuts are worth the road trip adventure.

See pet-friendly Fort Myers homes

5. Branson, MO

View of large decks in row of attached rental cabins in the pet-friendly vacation destination of Branson, MO

Not only a prime destination for gathering your favorite people, Branson also happens to be the perfect midwest location for a pet-friendly family vacation. With endless sources of entertainment, you and your four-legged companion may have trouble fitting it all in. Your can’t-miss activities: hitting the trails at Table Rock State Park, shopping at Don’t 4 Get About Me, and floating on the lake in a rented pontoon for some fun and sun. Need the perfect memento? Play doggy dress-up at Buster’s Old Time Photos for an adorable vintage photoshoot.

See pet-friendly Branson homes

6. Austin, TX

Rental home with balcony overlooking lush forest near Austin, TX

Known for its tasty food, live music, and intentional focus on easy living, Austin can deliver one of the best dog-friendly vacations. Take a walk around Lady Bird Lake, or soak in the city’s landscape at Auditorium Shores dog park while your treat-loving pal enjoys all the freedom to roam. 

When you’re ready to grab a bite to eat, you’ll find endless pet-friendly restaurants in Austin — local pub Austin Terrier, Yard Bar, and Moonshine Grill are top picks for humans and pooches alike.

See pet-friendly Austin homes

7. Atlanta, GA

Home with fenced-in backyard in Atlanta, GA, perfect for a pet-friendly vacation

A hidden treasure for dog adventures, Atlanta is an up-and-coming hotspot that’s filling up with activities fit for the best pet-friendly vacations. Take a blissful stroll around Centennial Olympic Park — a true dog-lover’s dream in the heart of downtown. You can also experience Bark at the Park with the Atlanta Braves, or snag a bite to eat at Bold Monk Brewing Co (along with a slew of other dog-friendly patios in the area).

 See pet-friendly Atlanta homes

8. Bend, OR

Saloon vacation rental property with large yard near Bend, OR

A popular destination for dog-lovers and adventurers combined, Bend is home to dog-friendly vacation rentals along the Oregon coast. Once unpacked, you can enjoy a gorgeous hike along tree-lined mountain trails, then sip on a tasty craft brew at Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. while your trusty companion takes a nap on the porch.

If a more relaxed outdoor experience is what your pup needs, you can also enjoy one of many dog parks fit for your best buddy — or doggy paddle in the Deschutes River until it’s time for the next adventure.

See pet-friendly Bend homes

9. Provincetown, MA

Two-story pet-friendly vacation rental in Provincetown, MA

An escape to the east coast doesn’t get more fun than a trip to Provincetown. This dog-friendly destination is home to a variety of outdoor pup-tivities, including the award-winning Pilgrim Bark Park — a green space filled with local art, water fountains, and wagging tails. And if you’re looking for a quieter experience, it’s easy to pack some snacks and sail around Cape Cod Bay on a guided tour. 

With all this east coast hideaway has to offer, it’s really no surprise that Dog Fancy magazine once named Provincetown the most dog-friendly town in the United States.

See pet-friendly Provincetown homes

10. San Diego, CA

Modern living room in a San Diego, CA vacation rental that is great for pets

What could be more on-brand for your pet-friendly vacation than traveling to Dog Beach, America’s original pup-friendly shoreline? San Diego offers nearly perfect year-round weather, miles of open beach space for you and your pal to explore and, of course, all the eats and drinks your inner vacationer could wish for. Pack up the snacks (and dog treats!) before exploring Ocean Beach, Fiesta Island, and Del Mar.

See pet-friendly San Diego homes

Plan the Perfect Pet-Friendly Vacations with Evolve

If the best dog-friendly vacations are what you’re after, these destinations are sure to accommodate all of your human and canine needs. And no matter where your inner adventurer takes you and your furry friends next, you can rest easy knowing your comfort is the highest priority when you book with Evolve.

Find pet-friendly vacation rentals

There’s more travel inspiration where that came from, too. From the most unique vacation rentals you can stay in to the best star-gazing spots and desert destinations, we have plenty of ideas to help plan your next vacation.

From snowbirds escaping winter weather to city-dwellers seeking a break from everyday life, Palm Springs draws year-round crowds to its diverse range of attractions.

There’s no shortage of travel buzz for this desert destination, either: exploring the great outdoors, dancing to live music, and hitting world-class fairways are just a few reasons over 14 million travelers visit every year — making Palm Springs a hot market for real estate investors looking to turn a profit, too.

To help you understand what a Palm Springs investment property can offer, we created a free downloadable vacation rental market analysis. Inside you’ll find: 

The findings in this analysis are based on Evolve’s Palm Springs market averages in the last year and provide a general baseline for performance potential. They’re designed to help you make informed decisions when buying a vacation rental in Palm Springs.

Download Our Complete Palm Springs Vacation Rental Investment Analysis

Green icon of a house with shrubs and stars

Why Palm Springs Is a Great Place to Own Vacation Rental Property

With warm weather year-round and close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego, the Palm Springs area provides a welcome escape for all kinds of travelers, giving vacation rental owners the opportunity for near-constant bookings. 

That said, Palm Springs does see one major high season each year. Demand hits its peak between winter and spring, as visitors from snowy corners of the country seek sunshine and festival-goers flock to Coachella. In summer, outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and families on school break swing through the area to enjoy the magic of this desert landscape, creating a smaller — but still worthwhile — travel surge for investors to capitalize on.

It’s also worth noting that travelers gravitate toward the privacy and freedom a vacation rental offers; the city says approximately 600,000 visitors choose non-hotel accommodations each year. Between the undeniable general demand and the particular value of vacation rentals, the right Palm Springs investment property can capture high occupancy and solid income. 

The median list price in Palm Springs proper hovers around $655,000. But you can also find more affordable — or even more lavish — properties in neighboring towns. Those in the affluent Rancho Mirage near $883,000, while prices in Indio and Palm Desert sit just under $514,000 and $562,000 respectively. And in Desert Hot Springs, a town on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park and only 20 minutes from Palm Springs, list prices are just under $379,000. This means investors can uncover options across a broad budget spectrum, all of which have the potential to drive major profit.

Green icon of a crystal ball with the words "profit prediction" in the middle with stars

How Much Money Can You Earn with a Palm Springs Vacation Rental?

Many travelers are seeking a home base for an annual getaway or weekend escape, so buying a vacation rental in Palm Springs could allow for repeat guests year after year. To maximize your earnings and gauge how valuable your home could be in the market, there are several factors to consider.

Property Size

Our real estate experts say properties with higher bedroom counts tend to book up faster and earn more for owners, since they cater to families and larger group getaways. 

One-, three-, and five-bedroom homes see the most nights booked throughout the year, with three-bedroom properties accounting for the most available local inventory. Five-bedroom homes also bring in the highest revenue overall, but they make up the smallest percentage of Palm Springs inventory. 

Splitting the difference gives investors the best of both worlds, with high rates, high occupancy, and solid inventory. Plus, Evolve’s top-performing home in the area is a three-bedroom investment property. 

Property Location

Our experts also say proximity to area attractions is key to capturing bookings. Look for homes close to downtown Palm Springs, in Indio for Coachella, or near Joshua Tree National Park to give travelers convenient commutes to top activities. Many coming to the area also want to frequent the endless fairways in Palm Desert, so homes near or on golf courses can be major money-makers, too.

Property Amenities

With such a high influx of annual visitors and a preference for private accommodations, having the right in-home amenities is what it takes to make sure visitors choose your home over others — and leave five-star reviews.

To earn the attention of larger groups and families, be sure to take advantage of your property’s size and up your capacity with sleeper sofas and bunk beds. Offer kid-friendly additions like cribs and games to make traveling with little ones (and keeping them happy) a breath of fresh air in the desert heat. You might consider taking your home’s appeal further by going pet-friendly — and driving more rental income as a result.

And to make the most of that beautiful (but hot!) Palm Springs weather, provide outdoor living spaces that help travelers slip into their surroundings comfortably. Guests look for a private patio with shaded areas, a pool for cooling down, and a grill for barbecuing with loved ones. Back inside, air conditioning is a must-have.

Download Our Full Palm Springs Area Vacation Rental Market Analysis

With outdoor adventure, endless shopping, and iconic festivals at a traveler’s doorstep, the Palm Springs area invites year-round tourism with limitless earning potential for vacation rental owners.

No matter your personal and financial goals, we’ve crunched the numbers to help you make the most of a Palm Springs investment property. Download our full Palm Springs Vacation Rental Market Analysis to find:

Evaluating your investment opportunities shouldn’t leave you feeling stranded in the desert. Use our report to guide your next steps toward buying a vacation rental in Palm Springs, and propel your income potential to new heights.

If there’s one thing every successful vacation rental owner needs to be, it’s adaptable. Industry trends are constantly changing, and your revenue optimization strategies must continually change with it to maximize rental income.

But with all the nuance of shifting market conditions, there are also actions owners can take with consistent profit-driving value — those you should repeatedly revisit to set yourself up for success in any vacation rental landscape.

And it’s more important than ever to make these moves now. An ongoing imbalance between supply and demand growth this last year has created a highly competitive traveler’s market, where winning bookings means leveling up every aspect of your business.

Oh, and make no mistake: there’s still plenty of revenue opportunity to grab across the U.S. — nearly $19.8 billion worth in 2024. It’s all a matter of how you strategize. So, here’s how to maximize vacation rental income this year and make the most of your performance potential.

In This Article:
Invest in Valuable Amenities and Upgrades 
Update Your Decor
Keep Your Listing Up to Date
Take Advantage of Your Property Size
Open Your Calendar for Bookings
Consider (and Re-Consider) Your Policies
Use Dynamic Pricing
Provide Exceptional Customer Service
Upsell Perks and Experiences
Encourage Positive Reviews

1. Invest in Valuable Amenities and Upgrades

When guests search for vacation rentals, they know what they want. Investing in the things that draw the most attention from travelers in your area puts your home in the running for more bookings — and boosts the value of one. This not only gives your rental a competitive edge, but also an opportunity to increase rates and drive more income.

There are even certain amenities that guests want to book no matter their destination. Data shows properties with hot tubs, for instance, tend to see 29% more bookings throughout the year nationwide than those without.

Other amenities have region-specific value — like outdoor gear in the South and pet-friendly adds out West — so zeroing in on what has the most impact locally is the next step in leveling up your investment opportunity.

To truly maximize your vacation rental income, the best time to upgrade amenities is in your market’s shoulder or off seasons. That’s when you’re likely to have more time between bookings, so you can make in-home changes without impacting the guest experience and you’ll be prepped in time for high-season volume.

That said, the sooner you invest in your home’s value, the sooner you can reap the rewards. So if you have the time and resources to install upgrades quickly — again, without disrupting the chance for your guests to give a five-star review — jump on your earliest opportunity.

2. Update Your Decor

How your vacation rental is furnished can also make a significant impact on your revenue potential. Once a guest locks in their must-have search criteria (like location, property size, and key amenities), they’re shopping visually. In fact, 75% of online shoppers rely on photos to inform their buying decisions. Great interior design helps your listing pop in search results and inspires travelers to book — and can drive higher rates.

Our design and furnishing partner provides expert staging support with profit-driving results, helping owners increase nightly revenue by 22% on average

When purchasing furniture and decor, create a cohesive style that keeps your potential guests top of mind. Neutral color palettes can appeal to a wide variety of bookers, but you could also consider what details might play well for travelers to your area. Cozy throw blankets and plush rugs can warm up mountain cabins, for instance, while airy, coastal accents might tie in well for a beachfront home. If family vacations are popular in your market, make your furniture and decorative touches kid-friendly, and consider designing fun play spaces or kids’ bedrooms.

You also always have the option to really lean into a theme, like a cult-classic movie or historical era. When you outfit your property to be a unique vacation rental, you can further distinguish yourself from local competitors and make your home the click-worthy destination in your area.       

Of course, you don’t just want your decor to look great — you want it to be great. Prioritize: 

3. Keep Your Listing Up to Date

While it’s always important to keep your rental as-advertised, it’s especially important when you invest in amenities or significant decor updates. Making sure your listing reflects new profit-driving perks can help you rank higher in guest searches and show up in more of them. Offering high-value adds and great design can also allow you to charge more per booking, which could translate to more vacation rental income.

And remember: once key search criteria is in, potential guests are drawn to your listing photography to help visualize their stay in your home. Having high-quality imagery to showcase your new hot tub or updated backyard space can take them from looker to booker.

Pro tip: The best way to guarantee your photography makes the right impact is to opt for professional images. Our data shows listings that have ’em can generate up to a 20% annual increase in earnings on average.

Showcasing new investments accurately should always be top of mind, too. No guest wants to get to a property that doesn’t match what they booked online, so your listing description should clarify any seasonal considerations for amenity usage, and your photos should never distort a space. When you miss that mark, you run the risk of negative reviews that can seriously damage your listing’s reputation and hurt your ability to maximize vacation rental income. A big part of growing your revenue is eliminating any potential to miss out on it.

Our experts custom craft and regularly refresh property listings so guests stop, look, and book on all the top sites — and we include professional photos to highlight your home’s must-book features.

4. Take Advantage of Your Property Size

Another way to maximize short-term rental income is by making room for more travelers. Increasing the number of sleep accommodations makes your property accessible to larger groups of guests — which can help cast a wider net for bookings and incrementally boost revenue.

If one of your bedrooms has a twin bed, for instance, consider swapping in a full or queen so the room can work just as well for pairs. Go a step further with adult-size bunk beds, or a sleeper sofa in your living area.

Just keep in mind: certain vacation rental markets put limits on the number of guests you can have in your home (or any given bedroom), so it’s important to double-check your local regulations before increasing capacity. You’ll also want to consider your bed to bath ratio. Guests need to be able to share bathrooms comfortably, so even if you could technically support 12 guests with added sleeping accommodations, you may run the risk of poor reviews — or miss out on bookings altogether — if those guests only have access to two bathrooms. Plus, too much strain on your plumbing could result in more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Once you strike the ideal balance, don’t forget to update your listing so you show up in relevant guest count searches. You’ll also want to review your home inventory to make sure it covers the number of guests you can now host, stocking up on things like bedding, bath towels, dinnerware, and cutlery.

5. Open Your Calendar for Bookings Across Top Sites

Opening as many dates as possible to potential guests is a key unlock in how to make more money on Airbnb, Vrbo, and other top sites. In such a competitive vacation rental landscape, blocking just three months of your calendar could result in 28% less annual revenue — and that loss grows as your blocks increase.

Even in your off-season, you want to be open to guest reservations. This is the time to win attention from travelers who come to enjoy your area without as many tourists and crowds.

Once you’ve unblocked more time for bookings, it’s critical to keep your calendar updated across platforms. Having accurate availability on every booking site helps you show up in relevant searches without risking double-booking penalties that can really hurt your bottom line. On Airbnb, for example, double-booking could mean you not only get hit with cancellation fees, but you might also lose the ability to re-book those dates and get dinged on your listing’s visibility.

Certain tools can help you manage this yourself. But to really maximize short-term rental revenue, it’s best to work with a management company like Evolve whose channel marketing strategy also gets you on high-traffic booking sites DIY owners can’t access (like Google Vacation Rental, Expedia, and Hopper Homes) — all while taking the day-to-day calendar maintenance off your plate.

6. Consider (and Re-Consider) Your Policies Based on Market Trends

It’s no secret that maximizing your vacation rental income requires you to pull a variety of strategic levers, and one of those is the policies you set — particularly since it’s best to look for ways to influence your performance outside of just changing your rates. 

That’s because as market trends shift, so do guest behaviors. Continually evaluating your policies to limit restrictions can appeal to more travelers, open up more days available to book, and bring in extra income.

If you have upcoming gaps, consider adjusting your length of stay requirements to accommodate next-day check-ins and fill those open spots. Explore a more flexible cancellation policy, too, to increase your property’s overall visibility — many guests search with “free cancellation” filters applied — and encourage confidence to book (an approach that can lead to 53% more revenue).

Market seasonality plays a role here, too. You might see different occupancy patterns — like how far in advance guests tend to book or how long they generally stay — depending on the time of year. Proactively adjust your length-of-stay and cancellation policies to match what travelers to your area look for seasonally.

Also, don’t forget that traveler trends vary across regions, so you’ll want to lean into what’s important for customers in your market. See if it’s a top destination for pet-friendly vacations, for example, by conducting a search for pet-approved properties near yours. You’ll get a sense of the earning opportunity you’d have when you allow furry friends, and can then consider adjusting your pet policy to boost bookings.

7. Use Dynamic Pricing

Market conditions can change daily, and your rates should pivot just as quickly.

That’s why a dynamic pricing strategy is best. It takes several factors into account (like seasonal trends and the calendar availability of rival listings in your area) to keep your home competitive. Unlike flat or stair step pricing — both more traditional approaches — you can raise rates when demand is high and encourage bookings at lower price points when things slow.

Line chart using market data to showcase the performance differences when using dynamic pricing instead of flat pricing or stair step pricing. Annotations note that daily pricing changes help maximize earnings when demand fluctuates, peak season calls for highest daily rates of the year, and rates lower to engage more bookings when there's less demand.

With these best practices in place, you’re way less likely to miss out on year-round earning opportunities. Compared to other rate-setting tactics, owners who make dynamic adjustments can earn up to 40% more annual revenue.

8. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Guests aren’t just looking for the perfect listing — they also want five-star service throughout their vacation rental experience. From how you interact with them ahead of a stay to the in-home experience you provide, strong hospitality practices drive positive reviews, which greatly influence your property’s performance.  

Case in point: our data shows homes with an average rating of 4.5 stars or more can earn 12% more than their lower-rated counterparts. That’s because the vast majority of consumers read reviews before making a buying decision, so a listing with tons of great feedback will likely win their trust over one without. Many booking sites also prioritize listings with stronger ratings in their search results, which means homes with more stars tend to get in front of travelers most often.

To nail your customer service, make sure you communicate quickly and effectively when guests reach out with questions (whether they’re at the property yet or not). Keep your property fully stocked and squeaky clean for every stay. And provide a welcome book and thoughtful gift to help guests feel personally taken care of. Happy guests not only influence the decisions of future travelers, but are more likely to become repeat bookers themselves.

9. Upsell Perks and Experiences

After you have the hospitality basics down, you can boost satisfaction further — and generate more income in the process — when you consider certain added perks: 

Before finalizing the added services you’d like to offer (and any associated fees), make sure you cross-reference what different booking sites allow you to do and how. Vrbo, for instance, gives owners the opportunity to send up to five additional payment requests per booking, while Airbnb provides what’s called special offers.

10. Encourage Positive Reviews

Data shows 78% of travelers won’t leave reviews without solicitation — but 72% of consumers will when asked. This makes it incredibly important to reach out to your guests and proactively gather five-star feedback to maximize revenue.

A day or two after a guest departure, thank them for their stay and kindly request they leave a review. You can make the process even easier by sharing a direct link to the review page, so they don’t need to hunt it down.

And when feedback comes in, be sure to acknowledge them in a timely manner. Future travelers are more likely to book when they see guest comments don’t go neglected — so responding to them quickly can help create even more momentum for your property listing.

When you work with Evolve, we send review requests on your behalf and craft thoughtful, professional responses to their feedback.

And when feedback comes in, be sure to acknowledge them in a timely manner. Future travelers are more likely to book when they see guest comments don’t go neglected — so responding to them quickly can help create even more momentum for your property listing.

How to Grow Your Profit Potential Even More

If you haven’t already, there’s one more action owners can take to maximize vacation rental income — and that’s partnering with a management company like Evolve. When you team up with our professionals, you unlock access to expert tactics and proven revenue strategies that help level up your business while managing less.

With income-driving moves you can make and Evolve as your strategic partner, there’s nothing standing between you and your highest earning potential this year.